Mss Didi*s Party Domain

“I am on a Mission to restore Fetish to its rightful place of respect, love, and personal evolution for those of Us who are
REAL Fetishists.” ~ Mss Didi*

Intelligent people will read the following to handle their expectations and avoid disappointment.

About My Name

“Didi” is an honorific, a title that I earned, like Mistress is (and used to be before hoochies-with-whips-working-for-pimp-mentality-situations and folks easily impressed by trash-called-literature acquired the term without merit).

As given to Me, “Didi” has a wide range of meanings in North Africa, Europe, and in The East which generally mean “an honored person of high position who inspires great reverence and affection.” I received the title from My “Mentorix” (Domina Mentor) with reference to “Beloved Caretaker” because (1) I make excellent things happen, and (2) My Domain, and those who have earned the privilege of indulging in It, are greatly cared for with Love, Intelligence, and Integrity. I liked it, so I enjoy it.

I am to be called, “Mss Didi*,” as even My closest friends call Me.

The Most Important Things To Know About Me

© Mss Didi* ~

© Mss Didi* ~

  • I walk My Talk, meaning, everything I say IS TRUE. Because so many people LIE, they immediately make the mistake to think you’re lying, too. Please don’t make that mistake with Me. I really do say what I mean and mean what I say.
  • DISCIPLINE is one of My Top Fetishes, as evidenced by My appearance and excellent, physical condition. (“It’s not bragging if it’s true. — Mohammed Ali) The misuse of the word to mean, “corporal Play” annoys Me. I reward the worthy and waste no time with things I do not enjoy.
  • I create events for My Purposes. Period. I began creating Fetish Events because I did not/do not like what other people are doing. So, I am a part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem, and I create the kinds of events that I want to enjoy with the kinds of people I want to share My enjoyments with. I strongly encourage others to contact Me for assistance in creating events and maybe, I will have some events other than My own to enjoy !
  • I’m a Giving Goddess and My Events are ways for Me to raise funds for My Charities. In other words, I do NOT make money from My Events. My Events offer the “Community” an opportunity to contribute to the greater good while We’re getting Our grooves on!
  • I strive to Be My Best and I Deserve The Best. While I am generous and gregarious, I have discerning tastes, particularly about with whom I associate. I have been extremely generous in the past and given many, many creeple the benefit of the doubt. Not any more. I prefer to be alone than to tolerate substandard anything. I choose to do the work to be The Best I can BE and I will not slide down the evolutionary scale to accommodate lizard-brain thinkers. I’m generous, not desperate. If you want to party with The Diva, you have to step up to the privilege.
  • If you wish to serve Me, understand that I receive a LOT of emails every day with folks requesting the same and more. I have very specific requirements for service that are non-negotiable and ALL steps must be followed to be worthy of My Attentions, Skills, and other Joys of My Domain. I don’t need you; I want the thrill of wanting you.
  • My Talents are not for rent or sale. My Terms for Personal Engagements are discussed solely with the beneficiary(ies) of My Desires to Play. Earn the privilege.

The Basics

I ONLY care to associate with people who vibe with My Vibes. I have NO interest in:

  • “converting” anyone: you are responsible for your own journey;
  • proving anything: I’m super-cool with My Way and truly want you to be happy in your zone- your way, providing that you do not interfere with Me and Mine. Intelligent people know how to consider concepts that are foreign to their own without having to insist on their way as the only way in your world;
  • agreement with Me: Opinions are like sphincters — everyone has one;
  • tons of “friends”: The verb is to befriend — one must BE a friend before you can be worthy of calling Me one or considering yourself Mine. I am an excellent friend, as those who are in My Domain continue to enjoy. And those who betray My Friendship very quickly suffer the loss… While I forgive them for My Purposes, Sadist that I am, I enjoy their well-deserved, suffering (see Forgiveness). I only want, and am blessed to have, REAL friends, not the click-a-button-on-a-fake-site kind;
  • hostility; insecurities projected onto Me; “little-dick” games (females waste time with this mentality, too); or anything designed to “make wrong.” If you insist on being a “turd-tard,” and if I feel like it and you can be useful to Me, I will use you for My Purposes which include as examples for My Workshops and My Ask Mss Didi* Advice Blog. you won’t even get to enjoy being humiliated. Play nice. My Motto is: Don’t start none, won’t be none; I finish it.

How To Have The Best Experience on My Sites

  • Relax, have a beverage, and spend a little time READING what I have carefully written for both of Our benefits.
  • Links open in new windows/tabs so that you will be able to keep track of your flow. My Sites are as full and rich as My Domain!
  • If you have questions, please contact Me AFTER you’ve checked the listings in My Navigation Menus.
  • I recommend you check the Strongly Suggested Reading below and click here next.

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