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I’ve been crazy-busy with hurricane-clean-up… So My Time and Energies are even more precious than usual.  And since this is NOT My favorite time of year, here’s the deal:

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~ Pick The Date for a December Soiree!
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 TOURING Plans ~ My Experiential Theater & More Staff, Participant & Performer Interviews & FUN Quiz

~ Why I Don’t Do Thanksgiving
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The hectic season is upon Us…

I STRONGLY encourage you to read or re-read Tools To Manage Psycho-Induced Stress & “Fear-Mongering” below.  You will be grateful that you did!

A Special Thank You

Many Blessings upon the donors for My 2017 Birthday Campaign Fundraisers.  And a very special thank you to the anonymous donor (public fundraising page)! Please feel free to contact Me so that I may thank you properly!

YOU can still make a donation and help build clean water wells for some of the MILLIONS of people who do not have access to clean water — no amount is too small!  Please Donate to My 2017 Birthday Campaign.  Every amount counts and makes a difference.

Pick The Date for a December Soiree

It’s simple: TAKE THIS LITTLE 60-second SURVEY and let Me know which date(s) you can commit to. The majority wins and I will announce the date and details to My Mailing List first (as always) .

UPDATE: My Experiential Theater Project Preparing For Tour

My ClassicFetish™ Experiential Theater Project has been so much fun that I’ve received requests to take it on the road! While I’m doing hurricane clean-up, I intend to continue interviews for respectful Fetish Players, performers with Fetish Skills, and voyeurs who demonstrate safety in activities!  So, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to get on board and cruise (or fly) to the sun-sea-sand for a weekend as part of the festivities!

  • Those chosen for travel MUST have a valid passport.  Expenses will be paid (excluding departure fees and your travel to/from Our transports) and all arrangements will be finalized in writing with participants prior to departures.
  • You MUST meet with Me in person before being considered for participation — My treat. Details sent to applicants.
  • AS ALWAYS, follow the carefully-written instructions I have taken the time to write to make sure that We proceed correctly from the very beginning.
  • Only cool & respectful, Fab Fetish Folks, I really mean it — you have to know how to receive and appreciate a GIFT.  There are NO other events with the level of upscale excellence that I’m sharing — are you worthy of this Gift?

 For an idea of what I mean by “fabulous,” check out A Few of My Party Pics.

  • property of Mss Didi ~ all rights reservedAnd speaking of knowing how to receive a gift, I strongly recommend that you indulge in the quick read that benefits both Dominants and submissives alike:

How To Present yourself To A Mistress

Remember: the investment you make in your Fetish Education is directly proportionate to the quality of your fetish experience.

Along with the Fabulous Fetishists I’ve known for years, this year’s Birthday Celebrations are going to be some of My Best Events EVER!

GET The Details: My ClassicFetish™ Experiential Theater Soirees

 Take the Quiz to determine what type of participation will be the most fun for you!  Have FUN with this 2-minute quiz to find your best role in My ClassicFetish™ Experiential Theater Events!©Mss Didi* ~ PartyDomme.com all rights reserved

This Project is a public experience in an extremely private and exclusive environment(s).


 Be advised that under NO circumstances will your application be considered without photos.  Read My Photo Guarantee.

 GET The Details

  • I continue to interview new folks for regular and “visiting” positions in My Domain.  See below.

Why I Don’t “Do” Thanksgiving

It’s time for the yearly reminder.

UPDATE: November 20, 2016

A selfish person attempted to make Me wrong for not celebrating Thanksgiving and insisted that she would call Me on that Thursday to wish Me a Happy Thanksgiving. I told her that the part of Me that is of Native American decent is insulted because saying that to Me is like saying, “Happy Holocaust Day” to a Jew.

As expected, she insisted that it wasn’t the same thing; ranted in a way that deemed her version of history held more value than anyone else’s truth; insisted that I was being too sensitive (that old trick that good-ol’-racists use when People of Color speak up); behaved as if she had the right to decide for Me how I should feel; and chose to be insulted (the other old trick that good-ol’-racists (even those who don’t know/believe they’re racists) use when People of Color speak up).  It was her 12-year old son who pointed out to her that no one has the right to tell anyone else what is or isn’t an atrocity to them, and that if she wants her culture to be respected, then We must all respect others’ cultures — whether We understand their feelings or not. Out of the mouths of babes… Psalm 8:2 New King James Version

Remember that.

Originally written November 25, 2009

First, My many thanks to all of the wonderful people who invited Me to their Thanksgiving feasts!  It was so thoughtful and gracious of them and I consider it quite an honor to be asked to share their dinners with them.  Really, I am truly aware of how blessed I am to be cared for by so many. (To those who invited Me and read this, I expect you to be laughing at most of it as you do!  Be certain to invite Me to other gatherings, though!)

So, as I politely declined, I waited a day or two and then told My real reasons for not doing Thanksgiving:

1)  I am predominantly vegetarian and I have not eaten turkey for more than 20 years.  Since any type of meat or poultry in food will make Me ill, I always say that I’m a bummer at Thanksgiving dinners, but the truth is that I’m bummed at the boring salad that awaits Me, or worse, at the cook who thinks a “little bit of” whatever won’t “hurt” Me until I’m vomiting… and attempting to make it look like an accident while I aim it at the favorite rug or couch…

2)  I don’t like making people feel uncomfortable in their domains because I am not participating in the gluttony-fest.   Aside from the fact that people always feel sorry for Me that I don’t eat “meat” while I feel sorry for them that they do,  I have to endure the, “that’s how you stay in that shape” conversations.  This inevitably comes from the fattest person at the gathering, speaking with that second piece of pie in hand.

3)  Since I usually have to eat before I go to Thanksgiving dinner to ensure that I don’t get hungry, what’s the sense in going out if I’ve already cooked and can stay home and watch the football game?  And if I watch the game at someone’s home, I’m usually the only woman with all the males and the females get their feathers ruffled more than usual when I’m in a room.  Little do they know ~ or maybe they do know ~ that the only thing I would want their men to do is grovel at My feet with tributes.

4)  There are usually children at these affairs.  I don’t have the patience or the ability to be polite enough (and I have so much more politeness than seems to be the norm – especially these days) to tolerate “little precious” and the sugar-high s/he will be on the whole evening until the tryptophan kicks in.  And usually, with children, this never happens soon enough.

5)  Someone inevitably thinks I’m actually going to help ~ or even offer to help ~ in the kitchen or clear the table or something…

6)   I gave up illegal drugs before leaving My teens and there isn’t a drug in the world that can make Me able to deal with “family drama” ~ especially someone else’s family drama!

7)  I am blessed to have been born into a family of a very diverse group of cultures.  My tribe considers Thanksgiving a day of mourning.  It is the annual reminder that Our ancestors showed kindness to save the lives of starving barbarians who returned the gifts they were given with death to Our people, Our forests, Our buffalo and eagles, with prejudice, lies, destruction, and thievery on every level.

8) Added November 24, 2016: I don’t want to receive tons of text messages from people I don’t know because someone sent out a group text and folks don’t know how to set their phones to reply only to sender instead of to everyone in that group!  And there’s always that annoying person who wants to call to find out who you are…  Fix this on iPhone and Android.

9)  I give thanks every day and don’t need one day to celebrate all the blessings that I have.

However, bah-humbug this may sound, I look forward to My day of football and pasta on that third Thursday of November!

Yet, softy-that-I-can-be, I always consider the person who has nothing to do for the “holiday” (but wishes they did) and sometimes, I invite people to come out and have a drink with Me to share some of that “togetherness” that is so highly commercialized to sell you things to buy for Christmas presents.  Fortunately, We “ain’t buying it” and We give thanks for having the time to get together for a little fun in Our hectic schedules!


November 14, 2012

I was given an assignment in the 7th grade to find a poem to memorize and recite.  My Mother and I enjoyed reading through many poems in Our library at home and She found this one.  What We didn’t know at the time is that the assignment was for a NYCity-wide poetry competition.  I came in 2nd place with this entry – probably because the 1st place winner prefaced her recitation, “One Tin Soldier,” with mention that her brother was a Vietnam veteran, and the vast majority of the judges and entrants felt much less guilt about a poem about the horrors of a more recent war.   She was a classmate and We celebrated together while wondering why We won with poems about inhumanity and sorrow when other entries were poems about love, achievement, and greatness…  Even in the 7th grade, We were aware of how guilt motivates acknowledgement, recognition, and achievement.  Evidently, guilt is not a great enough motivator for positive change in how people treat each other.

by Rosemary and Stephen Vincent Benet

I don’t know who this Indian is,
A bow within his hand,
But he is hiding by a tree
And watching white men land,
They may be gods – – they may be fiends – –
They certainly look rum.
He wonders who on earth they are
And why on earth they’ve come.

He knows his streams are full of fish,
His forests full of deer,
And his tribe is the mighty tribe
That all the others fear.
— And, when the French or English land,
— The Spanish or the Dutch,
They’ll tell him they’re the mighty tribe
An no one else is much.

They’ll kill his deer and net his fish
And clear away his wood,
And frequently remark to him
They do it for his good.
They he will scalp and he will shoot
And he will burn and slay
And break the treaties he has made
– – And, children, so will they.

We won’t go into all of that
For it’s too long a story,
And some is brave and some is sad
And nearly all is gory.
But, just remember this about
Our ancestors so dear:
They didn’t find any empty land,
The Indians were here.

Benet, Rosemary and Stephen Vincent.
A Book of Americans. NY: Holt, 1961

10 Domina101™ Tips Video

I receive numerous requests for answers that I’ve already written and most of those answers are presented in My 10 Domina101™ Tips offering.  So, [snark alert!] since too many folks operate with the attention span of gnats and reading more than 140 characters seems to be an issue, here’s a little video that outlines the basics.  IF you want more detailed info, READ.

Tools To Manage Psycho-Induced Stress & “Fear-Mongering”

While I really do My best to refrain from political commentary, the antics of the thieving-barbarian-in-chief are enhancing the stress factor all around.  You cannot help but notice the intense rise in insidious killings of Americans by Americans on American soil being repeated and repeated and repeated in the ghoul-feeding-frenzy-media (and NOT the Halloween-fun kind).

We are under attack by a non-stop, barrage of negativity on Our senses and sensibilities.  So, before anyone else pops a gasket, and so that We can exercise SELF-CONTROL and BE examples of the BEST rather than the worst of Americans, here are FREE Tools to strengthen your clarity and calm.

Chill Out Training Technique: The Tapping Solution
I swear by this technique for Myself and it totally works for Me and everyone who chooses to work it. It is a physiological-neurolinguistic technique that you can learn in less than 4 minutes (see video) to instantly gain and maintain control of your emotional states. Try it for yourself!  You’ll be amazed!

Subscribe To Daily GOOD NEWS Reports.  I highly recommend:

  • Happify is the single destination for effective, evidence-based solutions for better emotional health and wellbeing in the 21st century. Happify brings you effective tools and programs to help you take control of your feelings and thoughts with proven techniques developed by leading scientists and experts who’ve been studying evidence-based interventions in the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy for decades.
  • Daily Good. The world is full of everyday heroes and true stories of transformation. DailyGood aims to shine a light on these stories and in doing so to change the nature of our conversations. If it can spread a few smiles along the way it’s purpose is served. Readers receive a news story, an inspiring quote, and a suggested action that each person can take to make a difference in their own lives and the world around them. I look forward to receiving these emails!
  • 2 of My favorite sources for good news reports are the Good News Network which has been inspiring people to be more optimistic with positive news from all over the world for more than 20 years, and Sunny Skyz which has only positive, uplifting and inspiring news stories from around the world.
  • Believe it or not, several, major news organizations actually have a “good news” section.  Some offerings come from The Huffington Post, MSN, Today, and Fox News… but there’s a really good probability that it’s fake news!

Opportunities for NEW submissives & FUN Assistants

NOTE: I am NOW interviewing staff, assistants, and performers for My New Venture — CLICK HERE to apply! Performers, please prepare a short video (or detailed photo montage) of your performance to show Me. Staff, please prepare check-able references. All others, see below.

I regularly offer opportunities for cool people to experience the glories of My Domain and Events by offering their services to assist Me and My Guests. I am interested in “keepers” — people who will become part of the Fetish Family and be worthy of being adored — and this is the perfect chance to test the waters! These opportunities are NOT limited to submissives. Dominants, switches, “whatevers” are encouraged to apply as long as you can respectfully pay attention and follow instructions. And if I really like you, I may invite you to spend some time with Me in the sun-sea-sand!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to approach Me properly. This is one of the primary reasons I offer My Complimentary Fetish Etiquette Guide: How To Present yourself To A Mistress for free. READ IT before you ruin an opportunity to find what you’re craving in your fetish life. Not only are first impressions lasting, they’ll cost you if you’re missing simple, subtle nuances.

  Soiree Assistants & submissives APPLY HERE. (Dominas please introduce Yourselves above).

I am continuing My interviews for hardcore masochists for private and public performances, Mentee training sessions, and Play — of course! Play, Play, Play! This opportunity may include all-expense paid travel.

 Hardcore Masochists APPLY HERE

Please note: I have planned Personal Play Soirees for new associates to join Me and My Fetish Friends. I will not announce these Events to the public, but new folks who vibe with Me will definitely be invited for decadent delights Mss. Didi* style!

Webcam Workshops

Coming Soon!

REMINDER: My Webcam Workshops and My Events are fundraisers for My Charities.x

Why Take These Webcam Workshops?

Well, you don’t have to — you can always read everything I’ve graciously provided for free on AskMistressDidi.com. Although a lot of what I present in My Workshops is not written there, you can always spend even more time figuring out what else you need to know and keep your fingers crossed to search the internet to find intelligent information. If you take My Webcam Workshops, you can spend 90 minutes enjoying the condensed version of what I’ve written and more AND ask Me questions directly in real-time. Of course, you can always continue being as happy, successful, and satisfied with your Fetish situations, doing what you’re already doing… Isn’t it wonderful to have the choice? More Info…

PartyDomme.comBe certain you’re on My Mailing List for other Workshop dates and other announcements.

AskMistressDidi.comCurrently on Ask Mss Didi*

AskMistressDidi.comWhat’s In Your Play Bag? 

Tips and Tools to include in your Play Bag for the safest and most excellent Play!

AskMistressDidi.comPAY ATTENTION! submissive Tip is a demonstration for the serious submissive to pay careful attention to instructions to make a good impression to actually have what you want. I highly encourage Dominants and submissives alike to view the ridiculous mistakes that a “wanna-sub” made which could — and should — have easily been avoided.

My recent interviews have prompted Me to generously offer a FREE section of The Superior submissive™ Webcam Workshop to alleviate a LOT of stress all the way around. Read How-To Tips for submissives: First Contact and remember that Presentation is EVERYTHING.

I recommend that you also check out The Difference Between Fetish and kink. Refer the people you encounter to this article and use these keys for ease in your Fetish experience. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

The Contents page of AskMistressDidi.com has summaries of the articles for more comprehensive reading. Take advantage of My Gifts of Domain Maintenance Training Techniques for BetterFetish™!

Or take a Webcam Workshop for a condensed version of My Techniques that can be found on AskMistressDidi.com.

Anti-Stalker Resource

I was contacted by a lovely person from CallerSmart who offered some most-excellent resources to add to My article, “How To Stop A Stalker.” CallerSmart provides an excellent resource on cyberstalking and what to do if you are a victim, along with a very, cool app that helps you identify mystery callers and block those you don’t want to hear from ever again. Definitely, check it out!


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ClassicFetish™ Resources

See articles at the bottom of this post.

Make Integrity Your Theme for 2017!


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