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Fetish as Therapeutic Art is a glorious, beautiful opportunity for self-expression in its highest form. A True Fetishist understands and honors how Fetish Appreciation makes life worth living. Fetish saved My life and I am on a mission to restore Fetish to its rightful standing in the world as a respected and honorable, lifestyle choice.

I have taken the time to write a list with links to further information and clarification of the concepts and practices that are My life.

Classic Fetish™ Therapist
The Muse
Event Creatrix
Performance Artist

ClassicFetish™ Therapist

I am a ClassicFetish™ Therapist. I believe, practice, educate, and promote Fetish as Therapeutic Art. I have extensive training and certifications in physical and psychological therapies and I practice as a Life Coach, specializing in implementing Fetish into your life in healthy, evolutionary ways. The goal is for you to enhance your happiness across the board in your life and to be the best person that you can be. Fetish Appreciation is the perfect tool for self-acceptance and growth.

My specialty techniques, approach, and guidance train you to make informed and intelligent choices for the well-being of yourself and of your loved ones.

I assist people on their Journeys of Fetish Evolution in private and group sessions including:

I assist people on their Journeys of Fetish Evolution in private and group sessions including:

♦  Individual, personalized sessions to learn the skills to introduce and implement Fetish into your personal life in healthy, fun, and safe ways to:

~ safely explore your Fetishes and enhance your understanding and enjoyment of them

~ training for Dominant, submissive, and switch lifestyle choices

~ overcome “fear of Fetish” and feeling “wrong”; develop self-acceptance

♦  Individual and Couple’s sessions to:

~ introduce and share your Fetishes with your committed partner. I specialize in a variety of loving techniques to prepare, introduce, and include your partner in your lifestyle choices and enhancements. Skill development in

~ how to recognize your partner’s “open areas and abilities”

~ how to speak “into their listening” to enhance partner inclusion

♦  I am a firm believer in honesty in relationships and if you do not at least make an effort to share your Fetishes in your relationship, you are cheating. It is imperative that you allow your partner to make the choice to join you in your Fetish for her/himself. It is NOT your place to make decisions in a relationship for anyone other than yourself. I also specialize in techniques to:

~ deal with irate and negative partners

~ establish methods to deal with partners who choose not to share in your Fetishes

♦  Educate and train your partner in technique, scene design, and further Fetish explorations to develop your unique style of Play with the one you love

For thrill-creation and maintenance in your relationship, contact Me to schedule sessions.


The Muse

For those who are ready to embark on their Fetish Journeys to delight in the pleasures of being the best they can be, I am a Beacon of Light in the confusion and darkness that is often encountered in The Scene, especially during these times of fakers with abominable behavior constantly in the news.

I guide you in your journey as I indulge in the discovery of your talents to develop and hone your skills for the experience of joy through achievement. I delight in your revelations and evolution through your self-discoveries and fearless sharing of your best under My tutelage in the Arts of Discipline. Understand, that the greatest sharing of yourself is with The Community. Also understand that I do not waste My valuable time and gifts on “fakers and takers”.

I am a natural Motivator and My love of pleasure keeps Our journey together thrilling, creative, and fun!

For Life Thriving and Inspiration, contact Me to schedule sessions.


Consultant, Mentor

I consult on a variety of Fetish Ventures, from training in technique to setting up home and commercial dungeons and Play Spaces, to organizing events (both Fetish and “vanilla”). I offer My expertise at extremely reasonable tribute rates as well as offering numerous free services to The Community, such as the articles on My Websites, My Ask Mss Didi* Advice Blog, My demo videos, and conducting numerous workshops for Community organizations.

I often take the worthy “under My protection, which means that, like a guardian, before considering them for any of your desires, you must consult Me first. I ensure that My “precious ones” are guided along the proper path for their personal growth and fulfillment through the Fetish Arts and that they have the right opportunities to grow to be the best they can be.

For personal Fetish development and support, contact Me to schedule sessions.


Educator, Presenter

Safe, sane, consensual and risk aware Play should be the goal of one’s Scene indulgences. I have taken the time to learn not only proper Play technique, but I have dedicated by education to understanding the human body and mind to enhance safety and the pleasures of Play. To contribute to the integrity of the Fetish Community, I offer a variety of Classes and Workshops to assist people along an intelligent path of learning and understanding in their Fetish pursuits. I enjoy the opportunity to connect and communicate with others in the Scene and the experience of “both teacher, both student” ~ no matter how much you know, you can always learn something new.

For educational opportunities, contact Me to schedule personal training, workshops, and classes.


Event Creatrix

Instead of the “pay-for-kink” revenue generators that are a dime-a-dozen, My ClassicFetish™ Events are opportunities for sharing Our best with The Community ~ Fetish and beyond. I carefully cultivate an environment where you are supported to converse, exchange and explore with people of like minds, energies, and varying experiences. My ClassicFetish™ Events include Play Parties with EpicuresNYC Private Member Fetish Club, educational workshops, and performances where participants are encouraged to create scenes that are works of art where all are inspired.

I believe that through the experience and expression of ClassicFetish™, We strengthen Our Community and create a Fetish World that is better than ever before.

The elegant, sophisticated, yet unpretentious ambiance of My ClassicFetish™ Events is an intimate alternative to the grandstanding parties which have become synonymous with the New York City “fetish” scene.

I create environments rich with respect, creativity, Fetish & intellectual stimulation, and New York City’s Fetish Illuminati. ClassicFetishists™ create scenes that rise above and beyond the limitations of mainstream comprehension into true works of Art and Beauty for those involved and those observing. The Euphoria of Fetish is experienced, shared and cultivated with a crowd of intelligent, interesting and friendly partisans.

I carefully design the music for My ClassicFetish™ Events to be played at comfortable decibel levels for conversation, privacy, and to inspire a beautiful flow in scenes. You will enjoy a comfortable groove to put you at ease while keeping the funk and blending an international flair.

From grand affairs to small soirees ~ always held in elegant, convenient, private venues ~ My guests are assured comfort, beauty, and the highest in Artistic Fetish Enjoyments, including My unique PartyDomme Play Favors: keepsakes that My guests Play with at My parties and many times thereafter!

I am always happy to assist others in creating their own events.  From securing a venue to catering and security, I consult and train the Hostess and Host to create dynamic events that showcase their unique expressions.

For Event Production, contact Me to schedule a consultation.


Performance Artist

Patience, goodies to come…


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