What’s Expected

What Is Expected of All Who Wish To Enter My Domain

I’m a Domme, not your mom.

© Mss Didi* ~ www.PartyDomme.comI am a Giving Goddess, truly.   I am also a benevolent despot.  When I am happy, everyone is happy.  However, when I am not pleased, no one will be pleased.  It is easy to please Me.

I adore gifts and expect tributes to show your appreciation of My time, energies, and for the opportunity to bask in the serenity of My essence.  I deserve to be spoiled and have My pleasures indulged.  I desire to live a life of luxury.

As The Party Domme, people enjoy the excitement and adventure of being with Me.  My hedonistic personality grants you the opportunity to enjoy having fun and experience the pleasure of living in the moment.  I live for pleasure and adventure.

I look for the beauty in all things and beautify My surroundings wherever I go.  I have a fabulous wardrobe that suits Me and I enjoy wearing it well.  I feel that if One is given the opportunity to be a walking work of Art, it is One’s duty to be so.  (It is everyone’s duty to be a work of art and beautify; I truly wish everyone would at least make an effort.)

Yes, people stare at Me, but I am comfortable with this.  I am poetry in motion and sincerely desire to inspire.

Friends and Associates

You must accept and be tolerant of My Lifestyle.  It is not a requirement that you participate; only that you do not interfere.  For those who are in the Lifestyle, I share My submissives, especially My masochists.  I like  nothing more than to have soirees where My and Your submissives serve and amuse Us (of course, if you are a sub, you will serve).  It is imperative that you have style and social grace; none of Us should be uncomfortable.


If you can handle My Lifestyle, which means that you are able to accept the fact that I will be surrounded by Dominants and served by worthy submissives, I welcome you to contribute your presence to My Life as I will undoubtedly contribute to yours.

My preferences in this order are a top who subs only to Me; a co-top; a submissive; or someone who is not a participant in The Scene but can be with Me in it.

Of course, all must have style, class, and social grace.  You must be fit and healthy, financially secure, generous, and have a great sense of humor.  I love to laugh.


My Motto is: “From each according to his ability; to each according to My desires.”  (A little Play on Marx & Engels.)

In service to Me, you will grow on the mental, spiritual and emotional levels to become the best that you can be in all aspects of your life.  If this is not what you desire from submissive service, I do not want you; I wish you good luck in finding the right Dom/me for you.

I expect obedience without question or hesitation, yet I explain My orders to enhance one’s understanding and ability to perform with excellence.  I’d rather you ask Me than get it wrong.  Make sure that you understand and take note of My instructions; I don’t like to repeat Myself.

I never want to raise My voice.  you will be dismissed that very moment should this happen.  I am very clear on My preferences in submissives, which range from the attendant to the patron; slaves bore Me.  I do not want to “work” on your training; it should be effortless for Me, as I know what I am doing to make you “perfect”.  I am to be catered to, which is your pleasure as My submissive.  I do not tolerate pretenders, topping-from-the-bottom, or bratty behavior.  See your mother for that.

I will allow the worthy submissive to enjoy the beauty of her/his own Fetish Evolution in My service to the best of her/his ability and without stress or duress.   I want your energies reserved for caring for Me and My pleasures.  you may apply for service HERE.


I am extremely gregarious, so mind your manners as you approach Me, but feel free to say hello.  I am always interested in meeting new people and sharing the best of who We are.  If you don’t share yourself with others, you won’t have any friends.  I am fortunate to have quite a few people whom have proven to Me that they are true friends and I give them the same respect and love in return.

I have another Motto: Don’t start none, won’t be none.   This means that I won’t have to drop down to the level that an offender can understand if the reprobate is not offensive in the first place.  I don’t start “it”; I finish “it” in ways that last a very long, long time and plague the subconscious.  So, don’t start “none” and We will have a lovely time.  I much prefer to celebrate than to annihilate.

More to know about Me:

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