New Rules 2017

UNSUBSCRIBE FROM MY MAILING LIST IF YOU VOTED FOR ┼rump. I don’t want anyone who is responsible for the decline of civilization around Me and Mine.

The same way that people feel it is their right to be able to say and do whatever they want, wherever they want, to whomever they want, I now make My Choice clear to everyone:

the barbaryan with a high-ranking official of the ku klux klan

As always, I alert My Mailing List before making announcements to the public.  I sent an email to My Mailing List of thousands (only 22 unsubscribed) telling any and everyone who voted for ┼rump to remove themselves from My Mailing List because you are unworthy of My Domain.  And I don’t want you near any of My Future Events — which will be announced soon before that turd-tard starts World War 3.

Remove yourself from My Mailing List; block Me on social sites; stop reading My Writings; stop looking at My Photos; and forget about Me completely — you are unworthy of My Glory and you will not like what I have to say.

Understand, I Do Not Care

  • If you are offended by MY choice to honor MY TRUTH as a Black American Woman and a Human Being by not associating with sub-humans.
  • If you believe that voting for EXTREME racism, misogyny, bigotry on all levels, and think it’s fine that the White House will decline from an educated, elegant, accomplished, First Lady to a “plastic-surgeried,” foreign, “first hoochie” who can’t even string a sentence together in English while her husband is anti-immigrant – (but that’s only non-white, immigrants, of course) is The Amerikkkan Way.
  • If you are so ignorant of your history, past and recent, that you believe that Muslims and brown-skinned people are the only terrorists on the planet (and refuse to acknowledge that extremists are of all kinds, including “right-wing, white, Chri$tian Amerikkkans), and have NO clue why the world h8tes Amerikkka.
  • If you are so ignorant of the Electoral Process that you believe that “the American people” voted for ┼rump.
  • If you believe that I’m being in any way contrary to what you want ME to do while ignoring your own failures to step up to your truth.  This includes ludicrous notions that twist your thoughts around being “surprised at” or “disappointed in” Me that I’m not “one of the ‘good’ ones” (à la Willie-Lynchism – hoax or not, those teachings are reality).  What I understand about Being The Better Person is that BETTER begins with Me caring for My Domain.
  • If you subscribe to one of those “religions” where you are not a part of this world and you don’t vote — yet have no problem using everything that I vote for at your convenience — especially to use the court system to sue when you’re injured by something faulty whose maintenance plans you did not vote for.
  • If you are an un-conscious, Person of Color and/or immigrant who voted for ┼rump and somehow don’t see that you’re his enemy when you look in the mirror and/or that you are somehow exempt — maybe, one of those “good ones.”
  • If you believe that ┼rump is good for America, then you can understand My purge of creeps as creating a wall to keep people I find offensive out of My Domain. The difference here is that I didn’t steal My Domain from anyone and commit genocide in the name of “manifest destiny.”

I feel sorry for My white friends and family because you can no longer travel anywhere safely. Historically, when groups have taken Americans hostage, they released the People of Color (I hope that will still be the case) because Amerikkka doesn’t care about Us.  (Note: the statements of the hostage takers regarding the release of hostages of Color appear to be buried… somewhere… — removed from the Amerikkkan history books along with 40 acres and a mule…) I guess, it’s time for Amerikkkans to know what it feels like to be a target and maybe, understand why the #BlackLivesMatter movement is a reality they can no longer ignore!

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