Private & Personal Connections

Personal Rendezvous

My Time is precious.  My Expertise is unsurpassed.  My Requirements are non-negotiable.  The time I spend with others must be pleasurable to and for Me.  Requests for Personal Time With Me may be presented HERE.

Private Enjoyments

The Domina101™ Collective

As part of My commitment to BetterFetish™,  I’ve created The Domina101™ Collective for Mentoring and Fetish Networking opportunities for Dominas near and far!  Personal connections are the best way to communicate and share Life Knowledge, techniques, and general-how-to information from and with Quality Fetishists.  And, of course, You will gain the benefits of learning Mss Didi*s PleasurePain™ Techniques.© Domina101™ Logo

The Domina101™ Collective Training program is conducted via webcam to allow a multitude of Dominas to connect and in-person in NYC.  Guest Dominas are invited to present to The Domina101™ Collective.  In-person gatherings are held in NYC and can be created for Your location.  Some events are free, some events require a fee.

No egos, just sharing and caring.

There’s a hard way and an intelligent way to do things.  This program is a commitment to “living life with ease.”

Sessions are in progress at this time with new groups forming on a regular basis.

To join The Domina101™ Collective, click here.

If you’d like 1-to-1, Private Mentoring with Me, please read.

The Domina Play Affaire Soiree

1DPlayDateFor The Domme To Play Her Way ~ By Invitation Only

For the Domme to enjoy Her submissive(s)

Individual, Private Areas for Creative & Intimate Play

An afternoon of delightful indulgences, hors d’oeuvres & mellow beverages

Currently, monthly soirees in Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Couples plus… inquire for details

Dominas ONLY may inquire here.

Grand Audience: Interviews With The Dominas

GASoireeFemin association with The DommeSalon™

Like speed dating, except it’s Speed Domming!

A Grand Audience Soiree is a special, intimate opportunity where serious submissives (female and male) may spend a few quality minutes with serious Dominas of New York City’s Fetish Elite to present themselves for consideration.   (Occasionally, a Grand Audience Event will include male Dominants.)

By invitation only, enjoy an event with 1-to-1 interviews, hors d’oeuvres & mellow beverages, conversation, and perhaps, a bit of Play in a lovely, comfortable, living room environment.  The intimidation factor is alleviated by beauty, comfort, and amity.

The evening begins with short introductions over hors d’oeuvres followed by presentations.  Each presentation will last approximately 10 minutes and submissives are prompted to move to the next Dominant.  It’s like speed dating, except it’s Speed Domming! 

After presentations, the evening will end with pleasant conversation, opportunities for future fun (and perhaps, a little Play!), and the joy of having met more people to know in the Scene ~ expand your Fetish Family!

Each Grand Audience Soiree is designed to give different groups of Dominants opportunities to meet each Other and different groups of potential submissives.   FemDomme Only and Mixed Dominant Introduction Events will be scheduled and you are invited to attend more than one Grand Audience Soiree.

Invitees are given a brief introduction to the Dominants Who will be in attendance at the particular Grand Audience Soiree.   This gives subs the opportunity to think about your presentation before you arrive and allows you to be more at ease.   Dominants will also appreciate the opportunity to view each Others’ information (e.g., websites, etc.)

Certain Grand Audience Soirees may cater to specific Fetish expressions (e.g., TG, sissy maids, corporal, etc.), but a good mix of attendees is the desired goal.  All are strongly encouraged to mingle; what better way to discover the answers to questions you may have about a Fetish Expression that you are unfamiliar with?  You may find a new avenue to explore!

To ensure that there are the proper amount of Dominas to interview the proper amount of service-seekers, be certain to secure your place as early as possible.

Special Arrangements may be made for those who need to arrive a little later in the evening.

More to come ~ Get on The List

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