About Events

The elegant, sophisticated, yet unpretentious ambiance of Mss Didi*s ClassicFetish™ Events is an intimate alternative to the grandstanding parties which have become synonymous with the New York City “fetish” scene.  Always held in elegant, convenient, private venues, Mss Didi*s ClassicFetish™ Guests are assured comfort, beauty, and the highest in Fetish as Art.

Mss Didi*s ClassicFetish™ Events are an environment where Fetish is Art, expressed with respect, creativity and finesse by New York City’s Fetish Illuminati. ClassicFetishists™ create scenes that rise above and beyond the limitations of mainstream comprehension into true works of Art and Beauty for those involved and those observing. The Euphoria of Fetish is experienced, shared and cultivated with a crowd of intelligent, interesting and friendly partisans.

Mss Didi* carefully designs the music for Her ClassicFetish™ Events to be played at comfortable decibel levels for conversation, privacy and to inspire a beautiful flow in scenes.   You will enjoy a comfortable groove to put you at ease while keeping the funk and blending an international flair.

The Open Beverage and Food Bar consists of lovely “chillax” beverages and delectable hors d’oeuvres to keep a positive vibe and Mss Didi*s Goddess Mocktails (have the recipe) keep guests hydrated for a better appreciation of the selections and to help dissipate unwanted effects of consumption.

Mss Didi* is unique in giving PartyDomme Play Favors: keepsakes that Her guests Play with at Her parties and many times thereafter!

Mss Didi*s events are fundraisers for Her Charities.

Important Read: You Won’t Like My Events If…

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PartyDomme Etiquette is strictly adhered to.

Novices welcome to Our safe, sane & consensual environment.

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