Putting The “Adult” Back Into Adult Entertainment

May 24, 2012

The recent news of health hazards and criminal, non-consensual offenses at “fetish” events should be a wake-up scream for the Community.  Why is the state of The Scene today deplorable?  Because:

  • people choose to remain silent and permit offenders to continue with increasingly, worsening actions instead of calling them on bad behaviors;
  • people “don’t want to get involved” but ARE involved by NOT taking action; and
  • people are quick to attack anyone who DOES speak up and alert the Community for the safety of others.  Instead, people choose to make the “whistle blower” wrong by saying s/he should not “air dirty laundry.”  This is the same type of offense as telling a rape victim that s/he should not have been walking down that street (or attended that party) and who cry the loudest at the funerals of victims who have been killed by the same stalkers the victims complained to them about.

How is this safe?  How is this sane?  I do NOT consent to being put at risk because people do not want to be responsible to and for The Scene they want to indulge in.

I realize that I have been so very fortunate ~ and worthy ~ to have spent the VAST majority of My Life in the company of REAL Fetishists with true talent, respect, integrity, and who offered value to The Scene.  They understood that We are the creators and progenitors of what makes Fetish an Art versus an outlet for sleaze.  It has only been within the last decade that I have grown increasingly disgusted with the lack of all of the above AND basic, home training by creatures that abominate a part of My Life that I cherish.

Therefore, I invite you to bring the ADULT back to adult entertainment.  If YOU do not stay silent in the shadows, YOU may be the reason that the next newbie who attends an event is NOT raped.  YOU may be the reason that someone’s family is NOT endangered by an idiotic, egomaniac’s need for attention.  YOU may be the reason that We can effectively bring responsibility, respect, and integrity back to The Scene so that it can once again be as fulfilling as YOU want it to be for yourself and others.  Demand better and contribute to BetterFetish™.

If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

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