(The BetterFetish™ Project is in development.)

Fetish saved My life ~ literally. (See How Fetish Saved My Life).  I was fortunate enough to have been fostered in a Superior Scene that was about more than just kink; it was a divine culture of artists and intellectuals. Every event was different and stimulating in ways that inspired Us to be the best We could be. I miss that kind sophistication in most of what seems to be widely available in the Scene today.

This is not to say that there aren’t a few events that have had a great group of Fetish enthusiasts and I have enjoyed them. I just want more and it has become evident to Me that I must be the One to get the ball rolling. Hopefully, more creative people will follow Me and offer a variety of events to bring Us back to a world of BetterFetish™ than what We’ve had to endure for far too long.

The BetterFetish™ Project is in association with The Fetish League, which is dedicated to enhancing the value of Fetish as Therapeutic Art. Our goal is to change the view of Fetish from the mainstream’s shameful negative and “50 Shades of Foolishness” to one of positive, self-growth and empowerment. As We accept Our Fetishes, We give Ourselves permission to be the best We can be in all aspects of Our lives. This is the concept of ClassicFetish™. The Fetish League will be instrumental in healing the “fear of Fetish”.

While I recuperate from serious injuries, this project is in development. I want to ensure that what I am offer fits the standards of BetterFetish™.

In the meantime, I offer a simple guide to basic manners and social skills in My How To Properly Present yourself To A Mistress and offer it in a FreeBook version to allow as many people as possible access to tools to help restore the beauty and respect to The Fetish Scene. I hope that people will appreciate My Gift and purchase the Full Version of How To Properly Present yourself To A Mistress and assist Me in raising funds for My Charities.

You can do your part to promote the Beauty & Respect of Fetish by sharing not only My Guide, but other educational resources with others friends, etc. via email, forums, Twitter, and links on your webpages.

Please feel free to direct as many people as you know to download How To Properly Present yourself To A Mistress so that they may also enjoy My FreeBook. You don’t have to agree with everything I say, but I’m sure you will agree that My How To Properly Present yourself To A Mistress Fetish Etiquette Guide is a good start for improvements in all levels of society.

At present, to continue with My quest for BetterFetish, I conduct Fetish Educational Fun with My Webcam Workshops & Webinars! Read more HERE. And for tips on how I maintain My Domain and navigate the shark-infested waters of “fetish” today, take a peek at My Ask Mss Didi* Advice Blog.

Here’s to Fetish as Therapeutic Art!

Always MY Pleasure,
Mss Didi*

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