Current Soirees In “Play”

As always, proceeds benefit My Charities.

“Speed Domming™” Grand Audience: Interviews With The Dominas

©Mss Didi* ~ PartyDomme.comFor serious Dominas and submissives who are interested in meeting a variety of potential matches

Think of speed-dating, but for Quality Dommes and subs to meet en masse with class! I call it, “Speed-Domming™!”

By invitation only, enjoy an event with 1-to-1 interviews, hors d’oeuvres & mellow beverages, conversation, and perhaps, a bit of Play in a lovely, comfortable, private environment. The intimidation factor is alleviated by beauty, comfort, and amity.

Grand Audience is designed for a few, Elite Dominas to gather in an intimate, clean, beautiful, private salon to interview lucky submissives for REAL service. After the interviews, the fun will ensue!

On occasion, Grand Audience may be designed for mixes of Female and male Dominants.  Special events for exceptional, male Dominants only may be produced by engagement.  You may contact Me to produce an event for you and your organization.

All Grand Audience Events are paired, meaning that participants are matched to ensure that everyone can participate.  Space is limited and all participants are screened for quality control.

The Domina Play Date Affairs

©Mss Didi* ~ all rights reservedFor Dominas & Play partners

By Invitation Only, an afternoon or evening of Play in a private, elegant, conveniently located space where Dominas can Play Our Way and Our lucky attendants can revel in Our Talents and Pleasures!

Dominas with and without Play partners gather for catered mini-meals, bubbly beverages, aesthetically-pleasing ambiance, and mellifluous music for easy connections in Domme & sub Space!

A few, lucky, single submissives are given the opportunity to earn an invitation to be Our amusements!

As always, participants are carefully screened for security and the ultimate privacy.

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Mss Didi*s Party Service Training & DommeSalon™ SoireeThe Party Service Training Workshop & DommeSalon™ Soiree

For The Dominas:

  • Meet & Greet Dommes of integrity, talent, and positive energies
  • Have the First Pick from freshly-trained servers for Your own events & more
  • Participate in supporting and creating BetterFetish™ for Us all!
  • PLAY!!!
  • Novices welcome

For The Service Trainee ~ Learn:

  • Valuable, Serving techniques to impress with style
  • Positions and postures for excellent presentation
  • Placement and settings appropriate to create elegant environments
  • Earn a place on Mss Didi*s Party Roster for service at Her and Others’ events
  • Receive a Certificate to be referred for consideration by Prominent Dominants for service opportunities
  • PLAY!!!

Who Should Apply:

  • sissy maids
  • submissives, female and male
  • novices
  • anyone interested in fine-tuning their skills

You will be requested to subscribe to a notification list and then, You will receive participation information from a special email account (announced when events are scheduled).

To schedule your own, Private Party Service Workshop Soiree for your group, please contact Me here.  Private, personal training is also available.

ClassicFetish™ Divas & Our Admirers Meet & Greets!

©Mss Didi* ~ PartyDomme.comJoin The DommeSalon™ for a Meet & Greet with current members and potential, new members!

This is a preliminary Soiree for upcoming Domina PlayDates and to put yourselves at ease for Grand Audience Speed Domming™ Events where first impressions are lasting.  Consider this an opportunity to practice your social graces in a non-judgmental environment — that goes for Dominas and subs alike.

Details will be sent to existing participants of My Domina101™ Programs and current DommeSalon™ Members first.

  • I am ever generous: if you have budget considerations and/or would like to offer your service as Event Staff, be certain to read here to be able to join My Soiree fun.

The Domina101™ Collective Training via webcam and in person in NYC is in full swing! Enjoy a comfortable environment to learn, to share, and make personal connections to support Your Dominance.

For more information, please read and Join Us!

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Novices welcome to Our safe, sane & consensual environment.

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