Fantasy vs. My Reality

originally posted 4/15/09

your fantasy about Me is NOT My Reality.

It is only reasonable, based on the rules that society has set up for you to take anyone seriously, that you know the facts before you make any determinations regarding the truth about something or someone.

I have written this entry for those sanctimonious little losers whose self-importance warrants a tongue-lashing. But, We all know they deserve a lashing of a different kind…

For those readers who are open-minded, you have the opportunity to see My polite response to the offenders whose Fear of Fetish incites their bad behavior to attempt to invade My Domain – usually for some distorted belief they will somehow receive self-validation.

Remember, FEAR = False Experiences Appearing Real. Small-minded individuals experience fear due to their conscious choice to remain in ignorance in order to insist that they are right while being wrong and wrongful.

GET THIS STRAIGHT: I am not one of those hoochies-calling-herself-a Dominatrix and abominating the TRUE meaning of the term Mistress. (READ Domme v. dumme)

Also, GET THIS STRAIGHT: Professional Domination is NOT prostitution.

Domination, BDSM, Fetish are all Art forms that, when properly respected, represent and exhibit pathways of spiritual growth for all involved ~ whether a participant and/or an observer. If more people would use the internet for education instead of just looking for porn, this would be a widely known fact.

The problem that surrounds and permeates the Fetish World is the same problem We have wreaking havoc in Our economic situations: the soul-less-greedies seek every and any opportunity to exploit in the most negative of ways with the singular purpose of making as much money as possible while causing as much damage, ignorance, and disrespect to all involved with attempts to manipulate the general public.

Much like too many radical religions, if the masses are kept in fearful, judgmental ignorance, the soul-less-greedies can manipulate people for profit.

I am too frequently offended by people who dare to believe they can make decisions about and for Me. You do NOT know Me; you have NOT been of service to Me; you do NOT pay My bills; you do NOT care for My family’s or My needs; you don’t even know My middle name. Therefore, you are not only unqualified, but you have no valid ability (and definitely no right) to dare to determine Who, What, How I Am or anything concerning My life and how I live it.


I am not to be considered a Professional Domme in the common sense that the term has disgustingly come to mean for the lazy, misinformed, uneducated, and mainstream.

The TRUTH is that I am a Fetish Artist, Educator, and Event Creatrix. If you weren’t so lazy, you’d take the time to read exactly what I’ve carefully stated on My website before showing yourself to be a complete and lazy waste of oxygen by deciding that I have “clients”. PAY ATTENTION. Your limited experience and perceptions are not the truth of the World ~ thanks be to The Universe!

I follow what The Bible says: “Do not cast your pearls before swine.” I will allow people who are of exceptional quality as human beings to share in My entertainment of Fetish expression. I choose to accept a tribute of appreciation for the Artist that I have carefully cultivated Myself to be. I have taken the time to become an expert in The Fetish Arts and even more importantly, I am an expert in the Facilitation of Fetish Evolution. Therefore, only those who are worthy of sharing in My phenomenal artistic expression may do so according to My sole discretion and determination.

To make it simple for the thick-headed:

NO, you cannot buy My “services”. I am to BE served. (Fortunately for the World, I believe that reciprocation is the only True Service to the Evolution of The Spirit. I am clear on what I offer as a person and as an artist, and this is why one must be worthy to Play with Me.)

I find it tedious that lackluster individuals who attempt to convince themselves that their intelligence is greater than it is dare to deem that I am a sex worker and a Hollywood abomination on Cold Case or one of those other, silly TV shows (no offense to people who enjoy this type of fantasy-entertainment. You need to RESPECT the fantasy-entertainment that I and others who share My Fetish interests choose for Ourselves.).

When I am ready, I will publish the account of how Fetish saved My life and why I have dedicated the rest of My life to promoting Fetish as the Therapeutic Art that I, and those of a Higher Intelligence and Spiritual experience, practice and experience Fetish as reality.


P.S.: Give thanks for the sex workers. The reality is that sex workers keep too many social misfits in the world able to function in society.