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My No Smoking Policy

Dominance begins first with Self-Control.  submission requires self-control in order to properly submit.  Wherever you are on the Fetish Spectrum, Self-Control is required in My Domain.

I Love Myself and anyone can clearly see that I take excellent care of My Health and Body.

I have established Excellence in My Personal and Professional lives.  Part of that excellence is that I have earned the trust of Quality Fetishists and Others to be and present The Best.

I serve the best quality, healthy foods and beverages at My Events which are prepared by culinary experts.  My venues are beautiful, clean, and comfortably elegant.  I carefully screen each and every participant to ensure that Quality is in attendance.  I create environments that elicit comfort and pleasure for mind, body, and spirit for community.

My long History of Excellence is why I refuse to allow anything less than The Best in My Domain.  I have learned (the hard way) that making allowances for those who do not love themselves only yields total disrespect for You.

Smoking is a stupid and disrespectful habit (for self and all others).  Smoking and second-hand smoke have been repeatedly proven to cause cancer and other, debilitating and life-threatening illnesses to the idiot-smoker and those affected by second-hand smoke.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, smoking stinks up and pollutes My environment with the odious breaths and bodies of smokers and is difficult to get smoke out of fabrics, walls, and foundations (woods, concrete, etc.) which aggravates My Body and causes/exacerbates dis-eases.

I used to have a venue with a smoking section for the comfort of guests who lack self-love and self-control and who lacked the discipline to be present for a few hours without the need to feed their addiction.  Now that I have rid Myself of inferior associates, I choose only what is Best for My Health and The Best for My Guests.

My No Smoking Policy Rules

1)    Under NO circumstances is smoking allowed on the premises or within 500 feet of any of the venues where My Events, etc. are held.

2)    Understand, I am pro-cannabis but I do not want to smell weed – that includes odors from vaping.  There are better ways than smoking to enjoy the healthy benefits of cannabis, anyway.

3)    IF you are a smoker of any kind and want to attend any of My Events:

a)    Partake at least 15 minutes before entering My Venue so that you will have time to “air out” some of the smoke odor.

b)    Do NOT spray perfume/cologne in an attempt to cover your stench.  While I appreciate that you may be one of the rare smokers who even care about how you smell, I offer a much better solution that you really should incorporate into your daily routine.  See #3c.

c)    You agree to be sprayed with My All-Natural Disinfecting Freshener Mist upon entrance to My Venue and again if necessary.  It is your responsibility to alert Me at least 72 hours prior to attendance if you have any sensitivities to the ingredients.

d)    You also agree to eat a breath mint because while you can’t smell/taste the rancid odor of smoke in your body, the rest of the world can.

4)    If you have any problems with this Policy, My Events are NOT for you.