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A Few Party Pics

ALL photos are used with the written permission and approval of all participants in each and every photo.

Question: Why do I have “ugly” tags all over My photos?

Answer: Past and recent experience encourages Me to thwart the attempts by “ugly “people (a.k.a. thieves) to steal My photos and (i) pretend that My Body is theirs; (ii) use My photos in ads without My permission and without even offering to pay Me as a model; and (iii) while My photos are not retouched, thieves will have a lot of hard work in trying to get rid of all of the watermarks and other markings on, and hidden within, My photos.

ALL of photos of Me are raw and not retouched.

©Mss Didi* ~ PartyDomme.com all rights reserved

(see My Photo Policy regarding privacy)
Many Event Guests are posing with My Custom Party Favors

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