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Philosophy of Fetish

Mss Didi* is insulted that the terms, “Mistress” and “Domme” are now synonyms for the “hoochies with whips” who lack the skill, training, style and finesse that true Dominatrices have honed with honor.  She is disgusted by the decline of the Beauty of Fetish and BDSM from a zone of self-expression and exploration into the cesspool of sleaze.

The growing misconceptions of Fetish in the public view is perpetuated by those who always seek to exploit Art for the sake of financial gain.  Unfortunately, what was once a sensual discipline has become widely “sexploited”.  The pursuit of happiness and self-evolution has been replaced by the desire for instant gratification of kink.

Mss Didi* believes in Fetish as Therapeutic Art .  Her goal is to change the view of Fetish from the mainstream’s shameful negative to one of positive, self-growth and empowerment. Mss Didi*s experience has shown that as We accept Our Fetishes, W/we give Ourselves permission to be the best We can be in all aspects of our lives.  It is our duty to share this with The Whole and do Our part to alleviate the ” fear of Fetish”.

As a therapist, Mss Didi* knows that freedom occurs when you break through limitations and permit self-acceptance without society’s judgment.  However, responsibility to yourself does not fall short of the responsibility you have to the Community.  In other words, We do not live in a vacuum; Our actions affect Our surroundings.  Therefore, She insists on the practice of safe, sane and consensual actions motivated by mutual pleasures in everything She is involved with.

Instead of the “pay-for-kink” revenue generators that are a dime-a-dozen, Mss Didi*s ClassicFetish™ Events are opportunities for sharing O/our best with The Community ~ Fetish and beyond.   She carefully cultivates an environment where Y/you are supported to converse, exchange and explore with P/people of like minds and varying experiences.  Mss Didi*s Classic Fetish™ Events include Play Parties, educational workshops, and performances where participants are encouraged to create scenes that are works of art where all are inspired.

Mss Didi believes that through the experience and expression of ClassicFetish™ , We strengthen Our Community and create a Fetish World that is better than ever before.

Welcome to the Fetish Evolution.

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