Rules & Etiquette

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Courtesy, protocols, and SAFETY are paramount in My Domain to ensure the well-being of My Guests.

ALL of the Rules below are strictly enforced with no exceptions.  Kindly make yourself aware of them.

If you are an event creator, please feel free to adapt these rules to fit your environment.  In this way, We can improve The Scene and all may benefit.  See also My Staff Training Guide.

PartyDomme Etiquette

~> ALWAYS ASK a Party Specialist before:

  • plugging in equipment
  • using any type of substances which may stain (including oils)
  • drop cloths are available from Party Specialists

~> Party Specialists are available to assist you and are identified by badges with My Logo :

BEWARE: MY Logo is copyright protected

~> CONTROL the amount of alcohol (if any) you consume. By attending the Event, you agree that if you are inebriated in Our opinion, you will politely allow Us to escort you out of the Party. We want to make certain that you and other guests are safe.

  • NO OTHER BEVERAGES THAN WHAT I SERVE WILL BE ALLOWED. Non-alcoholic beverages will be available, including Mss Didi*s Goddess Mocktail (recipe below).

~> ALL guests are required to check coats and and are required to sign the Guest Registry upon entry.

~> Please obey Scene Etiquette:

  • Do NOT interrupt people during Play. Wait until the Scene ends before asking questions, making comments, etc.
  • Do NOT choose to join in, make demands of others’ property, etc. without ASKING PERMISSION.
  • ALWAYS be courteous ~ you attract a lot more sweetness when you are sweet.

~> If you encounter any problems, IMMEDIATELY contact Me or a Party Specialist to assist you. We’ll handle the drama; you have fun!

  • Disruptors, dangerous Play, and other bad behaviors that your parents should be ashamed that you exhibit will get you ejected from the event, never to return.

~> RESPECT the Party Space and other Guests. As My Grandmother used to say, “don’t behave like a bull in a china shop!”

~> Absolutely NO discussions about politics, religion, and/or the battle of the sexes at the event(s).

~> NO PHOTOS/VIDEOS OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED.  We provide a Party Photographer (at most of My events) who will ASK FIRST before taking photos of participants.  Anyone who DOES NOT WISH TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED should not pose for photos.  We will post photos in a PRIVATE, online album for attendees only, and in a public album ONLY with your written permission.

~> By all means, dress Fabulously Fetish and/or to impress! SWIRL After Work Parties are the exception.

  • DO understand that you will NOT be admitted in sneakers, jeans, sweats and any outfits that look like you are about to clean My toilet (this includes SWIRL). I reserve the right to make that decision.
  • If you feel that you do not have Fetish attire, ladies may wear a sexy outfit and gentlemen may wear dress slacks, a nice shirt and shoes.
  • Basic Black is always appreciated.
  • Exposed nipples will not gain admittance.

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Mss Didi*s Goddess Mocktail Recipe

In a pretty pitcher, add ice and

  • 1 Liter/Quart of seltzer water
  • 5 to 10 (or to taste) dashes of Angostura Bitters
  • 1/4 Lime Squeeze

Stir and serve chilled. Enjoy!

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