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Play & Service

Be certain to read all that I have carefully written below.

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I am not what one expects at all of the “typical” – and what I consider disrespectful idea of a Domme.  What makes a Domme is self-determination: I define Myself and am not concerned with Hollywood, stereotypes and what others expect or want Me to be.

The reason I am a Domme is because I like to have things My way. There is one basic rule in My Domain: when I’m happy, everyone is happy; when I’m unhappy, no one is happy. This works for Me and it works quite well for My friends, associates, and those who become My submissives and attendants.

My D/s Philosophy

The goal of the Dominant-submissive relationship is self-evolution for both the Dominant and the submissive to grow towards becoming the best that We can be as individuals and together. Each offers to the other the beauty, safety, comfort, love, acceptance and joy that is the meaning of true D/s.  My desire is for My submissives and attendants to develop relationships with Me that foster excellence, happiness and fulfillment on all levels.

It is helpful to understand My definitions of the types of service I desire and accept into My Domain.

submissive.  One who desires to please Me and cater to My every whim. you are trained to serve Me and your desires are to ensure My comfort, enjoyment and overall happiness. your job is to care for Me so that I can continue to care for you. My comfort is paramount. My submissives are My Personal Property.

attendant.  One who desires to please Me for the sheer pleasure of doing so. My attendants are submissive, but serve as My social assistants in a variety of capacities including, but not limited to, escorts, bodyguards, chauffeurs, housekeepers, etc. My attendants are not My Property; they offer themselves to serve Me for mutual privilege and benefit. My requirements for attendants are the same as for submissives, except attendants are guests in My Domain where My submissives are residents.

slave.  I do not desire slaves because I find them to be too much work and too little joy. Often, in My experience, people who desire to be slaves are needy, clingy, and need to be told every little thing. they do not wish to think for themselves and I find this to be a parasitic situation that I have no use for. I respect one’s desire to be a slave as much as I respect One’s desire to own slaves. It is simply not what I desire at this time.

patron.  A visitor into the BDSM and D/s world who offers a tribute of My choosing to experience the pleasures of pleasing Me.  A patron’s purpose is to please Me while temporarily stepping out of the vanilla world into the realm of the fantastic reality that is Me and Mine.

Requirements To Serve Me

My requirements for those who serve Me are as follows:

1.  you must be clean – have good hygiene, care for your body – be in good physical condition, and be in good-to-excellent health. Unkempt bodies repulse me. This includes bad breath, body odor, unruly hair everywhere, scraggly nails, and rough, scaly skin.

2.  you must be able to think for yourself. I have no desire to tell you everything that you should do. I desire to make requests and have them properly executed, so you are encouraged to ask if you are uncertain of My instructions. I have no problems with questions; I have problems with you not clarifying situations to ensure that you perform to My satisfaction.

3.  you must be intelligent and interesting. I prefer well-read individuals who are thinkers and doers. If you have nothing intellectually stimulating to offer, I have no desire for you. I like to be amused and I bore quickly. you are in My presence for My enjoyment. That you enjoy being in My presence is a privilege.

4.  you must have a good sense of humor. I love to laugh.

5.  you must be well-mannered.  I have no intentions of doing the job your mother should have done.  At this stage of Life, you should have investigated what is proper etiquette and how to have social grace.

6.  you must enjoy cultural events and new experiences. Part of what amuses Me is art, science, music, and theater. I enjoy a submissive who can partake in My enjoyment of these things and communicate with Me about them.

7.  you must have a sense of style and properly care for your appearance. I look fabulous; so should you. Of course, I will assist you with organizing your wardrobe, but you should have your own sense of style. Absolutely NO run-down shoes! you must look as if you belong with (and to) Me. My property must reflect My style and be complimentary to Me.

8.  you must be employed and/or financially secure. I’m expensive. Although I won’t “break your bank”, I do expect to be treated the way that The Goddess I Am is accustomed to and desires.   On very rare occasions, I will take an exceptional submissive into My service who does not fit this profile. However, I do mean exceptional.

9.  you must be something of value to Me. In other words, you must have skills, talents, something that is of value to Me. Metaphor: if I want a car, I want a Ferrari, not a jalopy.  I want excellence, reliability, high performance, class and style.  If you do not think you are worth My time and attention, you aren’t.

10.  you must obey Me. I require absolute obedience. I will NOT tolerate any attempts to top-from-the-bottom. Rid yourself of your resistance however you can. It is your responsibility to do this work for yourself. Of course, I will train you, once I have chosen to consider you for service. However, My patience for resistance is extremely limited and I will dismiss you. “Resistance is futile.” you will only lose.

11.  you must truly enjoy pleasing Me.  I am a hedonist. It is absolutely imperative that it is your pleasure to please Me. I prefer to reward rather than to punish. If I have to punish you, you will be placed on probation. This means that you have resistance to accommodating Me and I have a three-strikes-you’re-out-rule.

12.  you must know what it is you desire from serving Me. I require true service and have absolutely NO interest in your sexual fantasies, kinks, etc. you should want to care for My desires and needs, first and foremost. Anything other than that which you receive is a reward for proper service to Me. your joy must be from being of service to Me for My happiness and comfort. So, get out of your selfish fantasies and face your reality, which is what I have just explained is available to you.

13.  you must approach Me properly.   First impressions are lasting.  When you submit your application, be certain to interest Me with your presentation.  If you do not show Me that you are something special, I will not think you are special and I don’t want mediocrity.  I get quite a few submissions per day and disregard most of them for lack of presentation.  Be smart and read My Complimentary Fetish Etiquette Guide: How To Present yourself To A Mistress.

14.  you must be able to follow instructions.  I do not like to repeat Myself.  If you rush your application, you already tell Me that you present more work than joy by you being in My presence.  you will show Me that you are more interested in what you want to do next than in presenting yourself for proper service to Me.  I will ignore you.


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