SWIRL AfterWork Soirees

In association with EpicuresNYC Private Members Fetish Club

SWIRL Logo © Mss Didi* ~ www.PartyDomme.comTaking Into Consideration

~ the accommodation of Our hectic schedules and responsibilities;

~ the reality that a fetish event should not be limited to loud music, dark clubs, crowds, limited Play space & partners in order to commune and indulge in your Fetish;

~ the reality that you don’t always feel like going all the way home to change into Fetish attire to then go back out and party;

~ after working all week, you don’t always have the energy to hang out late into the wee hours of the morning;

~ how many times you’ve wished you could go to a party straight from work and get your Play on without a lot of drama; and

~ your desire to entertain what thrills you in a civilized, adult environment that appeals to your senses and sensibilities.

SWIRL is created for you to be able to attend a PRIVATE, Fetish gathering straight from work, have good conversations with good people, enjoy mellow beverages and healthy hors d’oeuvres, Play, and still get enough rest to work the next day!

An Open Responsible Beverage Bar is available through the evening!  (Read The Policy on Drinking at Mss Didi*s Events.) 

What makes Mss Didi*s events unique is that She designs an exceptional Fetish experience to attend to your desire to entertain what thrills you in a civilized, adult environment that appeals to your senses and sensibilities.  Mss Didi*sevents are an alternative to the “loud & crowd” collections.  She also chooses CLEAN, plush venues where you don’t have to worry about sitting in body fluids from the swinger party the night before…

Party Perks  

SWIRL allows you to wear your vanilla clothes with a bit of Fetish accoutrement!   Although the Club has a changing room, lockers and coat check, there is no need to carry a heavy bag for full Fetish attire.

SWIRL is carefully designed for you to chillax, converse, commune with like energies and minds, and meet people you actually want to Play withMss Didi*s “Fetish Squires” will introduce you to partiers and monitor the comfort zone for an excellent ambiance.

Mss Didi*s MUSIC is specifically formulated for a multicultural & comfortable groove, played at conversational decibel levels, and to boost your endorphin flow for added pleasure!

SWIRL gives you the opportunity to be Fetishly creative in so many ways while keeping it easy, simple and comfortable.   Don’t forget to bring a Toy or two!

SWIRL is NOT a pay-to-play type of party.  It is a REAL social gathering of Fabulous Fetishists! 

Though not a full-Fetish, dress-up event, please ensure that your casual attire is pleasantly presented.

SWIRL is a safe space to be your best and enjoy the best that others bring for BetterFetish™!

SWIRand My other events ARE all-inclusive; housed in beautiful, clean, PRIVATE, conveniently located venues; and I always make sure you meet people to have fun with.  I really do provide THE BEST opportunities in town! ~ Mss Didi*

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