What Is ClassicFetish™?

Definition:     Classic:

adjective: 1) Belonging to the highest rank or class; 2) Formal, refined, and restrained in style; 3) Simple and harmonious; elegant; 4) Having historical or literary associations;

noun: 1) A superior or unusual example of its kind; 2) An artist, author, or work generally considered to be of the highest rank or excellence, especially one of enduring significance; 3) A work recognized as definitive in its field.

Source:  The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company

Definition:     Fetish:

“…a fetish is perhaps best summed up by French philosopher Michel Leiris, who calls it an ‘objectified form of our desire.’” – Victoria Tillman

Definition:   The Scene:

the BDSM (bondage, discipline, sado-masochism) community

Definition:     scene:

The expression of the Art of Play for the enjoyment of all participants (and voyeurs)

Definition:    Play:

Mental, physical, emotional articulation of Fetish appreciation between consenting parties (“Players”)

ClassicFetish™ is the appreciation of the passion of power-at-play (power creatively expressed in various forms of presentation) ~ whether you feel the passion in role play (e.g., dominance and submission), the wearing of particular articles of clothing, sensual stimulation (touch, taste, smell, visual, auditory), and/or in a variety of experiences designed to allow you to get in touch with that deepest part of yourself that makes life feel exciting, vibrant, worth living, complete.

This appreciation is demonstrated by your expression of the best inside of you, which you share with the utmost respect for the Players in the Scene.

This respect is honed by proper education, preparation and presentation – whether in person, online, by email, etc.  Technology offers everyone the opportunity to become educated; you must simply take the time to research for your comfort and to prevent offensive behavior.

Such respect is reciprocated, as like attracts like, and all those who participate on a ClassicFetish™ level have tremendous self-respect, which is why We are easily able to give respect to others.

ClassicFetishists™ approach the practice of Fetish as Therapeutic Art, which enables all involved to rise to a higher level of being.

ClassicFetishists™ create scenes that rise above and beyond the sexual limitations of mainstream comprehension into true works of Art and Beauty for those involved and those observing.  It is here that the Euphoria of Fetish is experienced, shared and cultivated.  A deep sense of contentment is achieved.

ClassicFetishists™ enjoy the Scene as part of Our lifestyles; not just for kinks, kicks or cash.  We understand that Our Fetishes are evolutionary, life-affirming conventions and We express Our Fetish Arts in this way.  Through Fetish, We are free to be Our best as artists, healers, and nurturers.

Respected Protocols

Remember the key word is “ appreciation ,” which connotes respect, an open-mind, and a willingness to play by the rules.  When attending a ClassicFetish™ Event, it is important to keep these concepts in mind:

Attend an event in appropriate attire.  Wearing street clothes to a Fetish party shows that you do not respect the concept of the party, the hosts, or the guests.  The purpose of a Fetish party is for people to have a non-judgmental space to wear their Fetish attire and share their Fetishes with other attendees.  If you do not wish to participate in the theme, do not attend.

  • Respect another person’s role.  It is inappropriate for:

>   a Dominant to attempt to “sub” another Dominant.  This shows a great insecurity and a lack of self-control;

>   a submissive to attempt to top-from-the-bottom.  This is a common problem for “wannabes” who are enthralled by the concept of submission, but offer nothing to deserve such an honor by a Dominant;

>   a Dominant to give orders to another’s sub.  One must always respect another’s property.

These actions abound in the myriad of “bad behavior” parties, which is why We distinguish ClassicFetish™ soirees from other events.

  • Save your roles for your scenes.  When conversing with others, it is polite to use their titles, but don’t get carried away with your Fetish Fantasy Role.  We are all real people who appreciate real people.
  • Disagreements are handled in private.  If you find yourself in a nasty situation, remove yourself from the area.  It is inappropriate for you to make a scene that is not of Fetish Art quality.

>   Once you enter into the ClassicFetish™  world, your behavior is expected to be of the highest quality, no matter what your role is.  In other words, always take the high road.

  • Come to the Event to share your best.  When everyone upholds this principle, the Event is a truly rewarding experience and a tremendous success!

The opinions expressed above by Mss Didi* are shared by a distinctive group of Fetish enthusiasts who desire to reform the public perception of Fetish to its rightful place of love, respect and consideration.

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