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BITCH = Being In Total Control of Herself

First of all, I’m not Heartless; I’m in control. That’s what a Bitch is: someone who is Being In Total Control of Herself. I’ve lived by that philosophy from the first moment I heard it at the age of 5.

I’m a proud Sadist and Fetishist and I have respect for those who don’t “get” what I’m about as long as they stay out of My Domain (and, in essence, harm’s way). I understand that the best way to deal with an offender is to tell him/her the Truth in an eloquent way that lingers for their lifetime. My desire – without any attachment to the outcome – is for the offender to have the opportunity to improve him/herself on their personal journey. Whether they do or not is irrelevant because unless they are of service to My Domain (whether as a submissive or as a cool person bringing joy to the moment), I don’t waste energy caring about them.

I give everyone the opportunity to prove that they have the ability and desire to offer their best to the world and when they prove to be a whiney-gimme-wannabe-coddled-taker, I sadistically put them in their proper places. I will be amused and will not be abused.

I am a Giving Goddess, a humanitarian, an extreme animal lover, and I give back to My communities, but on My terms. I work very hard to be the best that I can be and will not tolerate those who do a half-a##ed job of anything and want to be acknowledged for it.

I do not adapt My Way to accommodate anyone else’s insistence on how things “should be”. I say what I mean and mean what I say. If I should realize that I could have better expressed Myself, I am not above an apology. However, I will not apologize for anything that I do not have any feelings of remorse for. I am not a liar, a cheat, a thief, or any of the banal choices that people make to inflate their egos. Integrity is at the top of My list of desired qualities in a person.

I recognize that because I love and care for Myself, that many people are disturbed by the recognition of their lack of self-love. I get a lot of flack from those who view My photos and look for every and any reason to attempt to become My enemy. I don’t have enemies; I only have jealous admirers.

While My decision is to have things My way, I am a cooperative spirit ~ as long as I am respected and comfortable with what occurs. Limited people confuse this with “selfishness”. I pity them for only brief moments and move on to enjoy My Life My Way.

I have patience for well-trained children and animals and demand courtesy and manners from adults.

I believe that the difference between the common meaning of “Heartless” and “discerning” is compassion, which I have a tremendous amount of and which I offer on My terms alone.

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