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2 things:

1)  IF We only have 1 life, why waste time fantasizing when you can live a full reality?

2)  Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to you.  You came to this page because it is your destiny. The question is: how full of blah-blah are you?  Or are you committed to BEING your best instead of settling for mediocrity?

NOW is the ONLY time there is.  Think about that.

It’s tough out here for a sub. Everyone has an agenda and if you’re serious about being of service, you — like Quality Dominas — have to filter through a lot of abuse and crazies before you, hopefully, find someone compatible with your dreams and goals. The easy way to fine-tune your process is to mentor with someone experienced and Who exemplifies excellence — and that’s all-too-often a rarity to find.

My trainings:

  • permit you to identify your true desires versus your fantasies of what is real
  • condition you for what is expected of true service
  • prepare you to be acceptable to Dominants for service
  • improve the quality of your existence as a submissive to make you useful to a Dominant, perhaps the most important quality of all

I teach you the basics of how to be desirable and complimentary to a Dominant environment to cultivate your inter-personal relationships.  I provide you with the tools to develop them from fantasies to realities.

Every time submissives have trained with Me – and Dominants, too – their personal lives have improved significantly in terms of communication, skill development, and the cultivation of relationship building because I teach you how to do this.

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1-to-1 Private Time

For the worthy, Mss Didi* may offer private time for instruction and ClassicFetish Therapy sessions.

Inquiries must include polite requests with details of your reason to request Private Time.