You Won’t Like My Events If…

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1)    You think that My Events are open to everyone, the more-the merrier, or that I desire for everyone to want to attend them.  NO.  I make it very clear that My Events are NOT for everyone and that ONLY those with the utmost respect and integrity for themselves, for others, and for The Fetish Scene are welcome.  I keep the number of attendees at an intimate level to foster a real sense of Community among people with beautiful energies.  Creatures who think that to withhold respect and common courtesy is a sign of control/Dominance/self-worth are completely confused and need to learn to become better beings elsewhere.

2)    You think that because you attend, it’s all about you.  NO.  It’s MY Event and you are invited into MY Domain.  Invited guests are always on their best behavior or they will be ejected, never to return.  Respect and manners are to be given at all times in order for you to receive them.  Again, “undesireables” will be ejected upon the first inkling of bad behavior, never to return.  I don’t care how much losers whine to anyone who will entertain garbage; I mean it when I say I don’t want just anyone in My Domain and I fiercely protect My Guests.

3)    You think that because you paid admission that you are entitled to every- and anything.  NO.  You pay admission to offset My costs.  Because I don’t enjoy partying in dark dives and paying exorbitant prices for cheap wine and beer, I choose venues, hors d’oeuvres, and beverages that are of fine quality, are healthy, and that I actually enjoy.  Unlike just about every other event promoter I’ve encountered in The Scene, I do not produce events to make money.  Since I’m not a trust-fund-kid, I have a budget to adhere to in order to share some of the delights of My Domain with others.  My goal is to create a good time with good people and (hopefully) break-even with My expenses.  I produce events so that:

a)    I create a milieu to attract like-energies;

b)    I can meet people I’d actually like to commune with;

c)    I can meet quality Dominants and submissives rather than tolerate the many “dummes” and “substandards” that troll around everywhere;

d)    I can create a safe haven for people who have a sincere desire to learn and share with and from the Fetish Elite; and

e)    I can enjoy the company of people I already know and like.

Notice the key word in the above sentences: “I.”  I create the type of events that I wish were available for Me to enjoy.  If you attend My Events, you are contributing to your ability to enjoy the finer things that are standard in My Domain.

4)    You want to determine the Rules of Protocol.  NO.  Titles are used and ClassicFetish™ etiquette is demanded of all who enter into My Domain.  Since My best friends address Me as Mss Didi*, so will you, and I will reciprocate in kind.  Others are also to be address by their titles, unless told otherwise by the individuals themselves.  Ma’am, Mistress, Miss, and Sir are to be used at all times.  Thank you, please, and excuse me are also expected in conversations of all who attend.  Courtesy is a gift that is returned ten-fold.  If any of this is a problem for you or your owner, do not attend, which will be a Win-Win for Me no matter how one looks at it.

5)    You think you know everything about producing events and ridiculously dare to even think to tell Me how I should produce Mine in MY Domain.  Or worse, you want to whine about what you want in My Domain.  NO.  Produce your own events and, if they are not in a sleazoid venue with a self-indulgent DJ blasting music so that I can’t even hear Myself speak, I will check out what you offer.  If it’s not My thing, I have the grace not to disrespect your creation; I just won’t be a frequent visitor.  I support you in creating what you desire and sincerely wish you well in your endeavors.  That’s what Self-Love and Respect look like in practice; there’s no need or reason for jealousy, avarice, pettiness, etc. from anyone for anyone else.  I understand that The Universe works so that when one wins, We can all win, if We are available to prosperity consciousness.  It’s also called having class and good upbringing.

6)    You think you should or will be catered to.  NO.  I am a Real Domme, not your mom.  Again, an invited guest does not try to be the center of attention, hog all the Play or the party photographer, or dictate to My staff or guests.  I am also not a “hoochie-with-a-whip” in the service industry; I’m in the “be served” business.  It serves Me and brings Me joy to produce events where cool people enjoy themselves and each other.

7)    You lack social skills.  For example, although I have event staff, clean up after yourself.  That’s common courtesy and respectful of other guests.  Basic social graces are all that are required to be a participant in any of My Events.  Since there is an epidemic of growing numbers of people who lack such skills, I have taken the time to give yet another gift in the form of a Free eBook: How To Properly Present yourself To A Mistress, which is a primer in basic Scene etiquette that is a great resource for Dominants and submissives alike.

8)    You think I’m elitist.  YES, I am.  And with good reason.  I’ve dedicated Myself to becoming a skilled, Fetish Artist with many years of blood, sweat, and tears (which was a lot of fun for Me and My Playmates) to honestly walk My talk.  I’ve cultivated My style with grace and aplomb to become an expert in many techniques.  I am offended by all these “dummes” and “substandards” who dare to dictate to ME, and others of My caliber, on the who-what-how things should be when they can barely even hold a flogger to flail it.  My Domain and My Events are for the crème-de-la-crème of The Fetish Lifestyle and for those who wish to contribute to and be a part of Us.

9)    You think I’m a bitch and you don’t understand the power.  YES, I am proud to be a REAL Dominant who is Being In Total Control of Herself (BITCH) = My Domain.  The primary reason that I am Dominant is because I want things the way I want them in My Domain (the same goes for just about every other Dominant that I know and associate with).  The truth is that most people think you’re a bitch when they can’t have what they want in your Domain.  These kinds of people are lazy and lack personal responsibility for their own lives and want to invade yours.  I don’t allow this on any level.

I also do not care if people like Me or what I create in My Domain.  If you don’t like it, don’t accept My gracious invitation to join Me in it.  Simple.

It’s not your job to like Me; it’s Mine. ~ Byron Katie

If any of the above holds true for you, My Events are NOT for you.  Life is too short to spend time on things that do not fit in with your comfort zone and I support you in enjoying what does.  My Events are just a few of many opportunities to be grateful for your freedom to choose.  Please be grateful for such freedom; not everyone has it.

You are responsible for the energy you bring. ~ Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

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Always MY Pleasure,
Mss Didi*

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