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All of Mss Didi*s Events are PRIVATE.

I design My Fetish Events for one purpose: to find the type of Fetishists that I WANT to associate and Play with and to join EpicuresNYC Private Members Fetish Club. My Events are fundraisers for My Charities, not income. Anyone who has ever actually attended any of My Events knows for certain that the quality of venue, food, and beverages that I provide could never yield a profit from the price of admission. So, anyone with a brain knows that most of My events are paid for from “My pockets” and sometimes, with contributions from My Fetish Family. This is how people with class have soirees. Admission serves to boost what I regularly contribute to My Charities. Understand?

Far too many folks don’t know how to give so they can’t appreciate how to receive. Compounding the problem is that too many folks are accustomed to the “common events” and don’t know how to appreciate Quality, either. This is why I say everywhere:

My Events are not for everyone
and certainly not for just anyone.

What’s Available & Not Available

1) I am fair. Dominas and submissives who have been screened in-person are in rotation for Soiree Attendance to allow people who share similar fetish interests to have a chance to Play. This is why you must not delay — secure your space to Play today!

2) Don’t be ridiculous. If you attended 1 or 2 of My Events years ago and I haven’t even received a Happy Birthday email from you (though you read My Newsletter, so you know when My Birthday Season is) — much less, a donation to any of My Charity Works — NO, you do not receive any special privileges or consideration.  Whatever it is that makes some people think that because they contributed a pittance in the past to enjoy an Event that I spent considerable amounts of time, money, and energy producing to raise funds for My Charities (with NO profit to Me) somehow makes them memorable and entitled to anything from Me, is ridiculous. And even more ridiculous is their choice to be insulted that I don’t remember them…

In the immortal words of the incomparable, Miss Jackson: What have you done for Me lately?  How are you worthy of special privilege? What are you going to do about that NOW? EVERYONE who wishes to participate follows ALL of My Rules — AND see instructions below.

3) ONLY the folks who have been matched for compatibility for particular Soirees will be permitted to know who the other attendees will be. If you have a problem with trusting My selections, sponsor a Soiree to be customized towards your fetishes — especially if there are certain people you do or do not wish to Soiree with. No judgment there…

Attendance Process

If My process is a problem for you, My Current Events are NOT for you. Stay informed by reading My Newsletters for future Events that you can attend.

1) ALL applicants are carefully screened for participation. All participants are required to RSVP with requested information. Do you realize that this means that I give the time to actually communicate with each and every attendee and potential attendee? Such is My Commitment to Excellence.

2) ALL participants comply with My Security Requirements – period. Photo(s) are turd-tard repellent; insurance for best behaviors; and I am the ONLY person who will view and maintain your security applications.

My Photo Guarantee

For those who have issues with providing photographs: I am the ONLY person who will see and maintain records of Your photos and answers to the application questions. I personally guarantee that your confidentiality will be treated with the same respect that is given to everyone else who attends My Events and in the way that I desire to be treated. What happens in My Domain, stays in My Domain.

~>  On rare occasions, I may provide a non-photo option for an additional contribution to My Charities.

Providing your photos:

(1) ensures that EVERYONE is protected;

(2) keeps away the trolls and other “gruesomes;” AND

(3) ensures that MY DOMAIN — which includes MY spaces and ALL of the people whose trust I’ve earnedremains secure.

3) My Events are high-end: chef-catered; held in discrete, private, clean environments; centrally located in Midtown Manhattan for convenience; and completely secure.

PartyDomme.coma) If you want to Soiree with The Divas, you have to step up to the privilege. I don’t get a “discount” or a “bargain” on the quality venues, food, etc. that I choose, so if you are not already inclined, I invite you to raise your standards to meet Mine. Or you can attend the other CFNM gatherings that (I hear, and am not surprised) offend the senses and remind you that if you’re not willing to make an investment in quality, you will remain without it. SEE THESE SOIREE TIPS.

b) On rare occasions, when someone exceptionally polite, obedient, and cooperative offers her/himself for REAL & USEFUL service, I make an exception for the participation amount required to attend My Domina Play Soirees. If you’ve read My Complimentary Fetish Etiquette Guide, you’ll know what to do and how to do it to gain any consideration from Me to receive such a gift.

c) Again, I do NOT make money from My Events and all proceeds go to My Charities.  I don’t do “budget events” (there are enough of those out there) and I don’t hold My Events in venues with surveillance cameras…

d) If you want Quality, you must be willing to invest in it. So, if you’re on a tight budget, save up! And remember how many events remind you that you get what you contribute? Details are ONLY provided to members of My Mailing List and specifics are ONLY provided to pre-screened attendees.

4) Follow ALL instructions carefully. To ensure privacy and discretion, you may be required to fulfill a 2- to 3-step process. If you don’t have the patience to do this, you don’t deserve all of the time, care, planning, and talents that I provide to make My Events happen.

5) I offer you a SECURE online transaction process to obtain your spot at the Event – NO pay-at-the-door options are available for structured events.  Your information will be kept private; this is My promise.

a) If you still have privacy concerns, you may purchase a prepaid Visa/Mastercard/Amex (etc.) debit or gift card to purchase online admission (be certain that the amount of your card covers your admission purchase after any usage fees that may be deducted).

~> It is wise to be prepared in advance: purchase a few gift cards and receive discounts/bonuses.  Whether you attend events or not, you will be able to use the cards or give them as gifts to others.

~> Option: Make the gift card redeemable to your (Scene) Name (be sure that the name is NOT a “red flag” (e.g., vulgar/sexual).  Aside from processing centers’ standards, anyone with a sexually explicit/disgusting “name” will definitely not be admitted to any of My Events, which are certainly NOT for anyone who would choose to identify on such a level.)

b) Once more, My Events are fundraising efforts for My Charities, so your online transactions enable admission funds to be automatically donated to the Charities.  On rare occasions, arrangements may be made for someone to offer tribute in different ways to attend Events – you should inquire directly.  But, of course, the preference is for the funds to go directly to Mss Didi*s Charity Works.

6) All participants who have properly RSVP’d will receive special information to attend the Event.  Each Event has a specific information list to communicate with attendees.

a) ONLY participants who secure their admission will receive location and other attendance details for the specific Event.

7) Participants of My Events receive special perks (such as discounts on future events and merchandise from vendors) that are not given to others.

PartyDomme Etiquette is strictly adhered to.

Novices welcome to Our safe, sane & consensual environment.

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