Party Classes

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Mss Didi*s Party Classes are designed for great fun with great education!  From small, intimate, private groups to large, more public gatherings, personalized attention is given to each participant along with course materials, healthy & delicious gourmet hors d’oeuvres, and bubbly beverages!  Of course, any of Mss Didi*s Workshops can be adapted to a Party Class!

Below are current favorites.  New and upcoming events are announced to Mss Didi*s Mailing List.

The Discipline Soirees

©Mss Didi* ~ PartyDomme.comThe Discipline Soirees are designed for both specific and mixed Fetish populations to accommodate a wide range of interests. Ranging from the casual and comfortable, SWIRL After-Work gathering to full-blown Play affairs, The Discipline Soirees are by INVITATION ONLY and serve as preliminary introductions for EpicuresNYC Private Members Fetish Club and Epicures Paradise (location disclosed to Members only). All participants are permitted to participate ONLY after a strict, screening process.

The Discipline Soirees are for Fetishists with a real appreciation for Fetish As Therapeutic Art and who are committed to being and offering their best.  These events are NOT for sexual activity seekers. Novices and adepts are welcome. Manners, Discretion, and Integrity are paramount.

By Invitation Only.

Of course, We are particular and fiercely protect each other.  We have very strict rules to be invited to join Us.  No exceptions will be made.  Offer your best to be appreciated.

Please read My Privacy Policy with options to secure your attendance.

Mss Didi*s Party Service Training & DommeSalon™ SoireeThe Party Service Training Workshop & DommeSalon™ Soiree

For The Dominas:

  • Meet & Greet Dommes of integrity, talent, and positive energies
  • Have the First Pick from freshly-trained servers for Your own events & more
  • Participate in supporting and creating BetterFetish™ for Us all!
  • PLAY!!!
  • Novices welcome

For The Service Trainee ~ Learn:

  • Valuable, Serving techniques to impress with style
  • Positions and postures for excellent presentation
  • Placement and settings appropriate to create elegant environments
  • Earn a place on Mss Didi*s Party Roster for service at Her and Others’ events
  • Receive a Certificate to be referred for consideration by Prominent Dominants for service opportunities
  • PLAY!!!

Who Should Apply:

  • sissy maids
  • submissives, female and male
  • novices
  • anyone interested in fine-tuning their skills

You will be requested to subscribe to a notification list and then, You will receive participation information from a special email account (announced when events are scheduled).

To schedule your own, Private Party Service Workshop Soiree for your group, please contact Me here.  Private, personal training is also available.

Mss Didi*s Domina Foot Massage Workshop SoireeDomina Foot Massage Workshops

in association with The DommeSalon™

To ensure that there are the proper amount of Domina feet to be massaged by the proper amount of foot-lovers, be certain to secure your place as early as possible.

For Dominas and foot lovers

TRUTH: Annoying to Dominas is the amount of foot fetishists who want to “give foot massages” and all they know how to do is slobber on Our feet.

BE FABULOUS!  If you want to “worship” Our feet, LEARN how to please them and Us!  Make Us feel good, like you, and want you to touch Our feet again! Talent and knowledge are always one’s best tools for success!

Taught by a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reflexologist (who is also a foot fetishist), the Domina Foot Massage Workshop Soiree is a REAL class in How To Massage Our Feet.

Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, mellow beverages, and stimulating company throughout the evening while you learn a useful Skill of Pleasure!  All while the Ladies are properly treated by your passion for Our feet!

After the workshop, participants are encouraged to mingle and Dominas will have the opportunity to interview participating “footsies” for for future foot-loving fun!

To ensure that there are the proper amount of Domina feet to be massaged by the proper amount of foot-lovers, be certain to secure your place as early as possible.

BE ADVISED:  All participants MUST RSVP.  However, this is a popular event and space is limited, so it is strongly recommended to pay online to be given priority placement.  Your information will be kept completely confidential.   This is Mss Didi*s guarantee.

To schedule your own, Private Foot Massage Workshop Soiree, please contact Me here.

Mss Didi*s Photo Soiree

Mss Didi*s Photo SoireeWhile not a class per se, Mss Didi* will assist you with Her Picture Perfect Posturing 101 Techniques  as you have the rare chance to take professional photos in your Fetish Finest!

Each Photo Soiree will feature 2-3 (sometimes more), professional photographers who are generous to contribute their talents for you to enjoy a BetterFetish™ experience!  On occasion, stylists and makeup artists may be available.  You will receive ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS and a minimum of 30 photos per photographer.  Event Rules and recommendations to take your best photos are provided to each participant prior to the Soiree.  Nude – but NOT lewd – photos may be taken.  Mss Didi* exclusively reserves the right to make all decisions regarding nudity and participation.

Of course, you will be served the finest hors d’oeuvres and bubbly beverages while you mix and mingle with other fashionable Fetishists!  This is a supportive, no-judgment zone.  The creative beauty of every body is appreciated.

Best of all, you receive and keep ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS and receive discounts for full photo sessions with Our Soiree photographers!


By invitation ONLY. 

To schedule your own, Private Photo Soiree, please contact Me here.

Photographers who wish to participate, please apply here.

Upcoming events are announced to Mss Didi*s Mailing List.