submissive Training/Mentoring Application

Training & mentoring for submissives

For serious submissives ONLY

It’s tough out here for a sub.  Everyone has an agenda and if you’re serious about being of service, you — like Quality Dominas — have to filter through a lot of abuse and crazies before you, hopefully, find someone compatible with your dreams and goals.  The easy way to fine-tune your process is to mentor with someone experienced and Who exemplifies excellence — and that’s all-too-often a rarity to find.

I am very selective about the energies I permit into the sanctity of My Domain.  It is Beautiful here and ONLY those who are worthy and who offer Beauty and value may partake in its Delights.

Training may be offered in person, by phone, and/or by webcam connections.

Tributes are required.  Offer Me your best.  And do not dare to decide from your fantasy (good or bad) what I will determine to be your tribute to Me.

I am Unique: money is not My god.  If you would like to be mentored by Me, fill out the form below for consideration.  Entice Me with your best.