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Complimentary Domina101™ Prep Guide below.

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Personal Mentoring With Mss Didi*

If You are interested in Personal Mentoring, please read the options below to understand the scope of Mss Didi*s Training and send an email to introduce Yourself and what You are interested in developing in Your life as a Domina.

The Domina101™ Collective

Domina101™ ~ © Mss Didi* ~ www.PartyDomme.comThe Domina101™ Collective is an opportunity for Female Dominants to learn and share Life Knowledge, techniques, and general-how-to information from and with Quality Fetishists.

As part of My commitment to BetterFetish™, I’ve created The Domina101™ Collective for Mentoring and Fetish Networking opportunities for Dominas near and far! Personal connections are the best way to communicate and share.

The Domina101™ Collective Training program is conducted via webcam to allow a multitude of Dominas to connect. Guest Dominas are invited to present to The Domina101™ Collective. In-person gatherings are held in NYC and can be created for Your location. Some events are free, some events require a fee.

No egos, just sharing and caring.

And, of course, You will gain the benefits of learning Mss Didi*s PleasurePain™ Techniques.

There’s a hard way and an intelligent way to do things. This program is a commitment to “living life with ease.”

Sessions are in progress at this time with new groups forming on a regular basis.

To join The Domina101™ Collective, please click here and fill out the form.

Rule #1: Don’t be a desperate Domme.  If I hear one more person whine about how there are no good subs (and there are far too many substandards whining about how they can’t find a “good Domme”)…  Let’s get down to the bottom of the problem, shall We?

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  • 4 Technique Sharing Sessions $80; Try 1 for $25; Proceeds to benefit My Charities

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 If you’d like 1-to-1, Private Mentoring with Me, please read.

Domina101™ Webcam Workshops

Download a Complimentary Domina101™ Prep Guide Below

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© Domina101™ Logo PartyDomme.comMss Didi* had the great fortune to be mentored by The Best at a very early age when The Fetish Scene was one of integrity, respect, and protocol. She knows the value of having intelligent, considerate, and caring guidance from someone who is happy to see You happy.

Domina101™ is for the Woman who desires to define Her own Dominance with a little guidance from a respected Friend. This Dominance Enhancement Program is structured for in-person and online connections where Basics (see examples at The DommeSalon™) are covered as You personalize Your Path with Mss Didi*s advice from Her own, Personal Experience. Meetings can occur in person and/or online for ease of scheduling.

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Mss Didi*s Domina 101™ Workshop Series

Mss Didi*s WebinarsMss Didi*s Domina 101™ Workshop Series is normally presented in 4 to 6 segments and assists both the new and seasoned Dominant Female in cultivating Her own unique style, expression, and presentation to The Scene. Proper Technique is the main focus of this series. Participants are trained in basic anatomy, kinesiology, first aid and more. Each Workshop gives Participants hands on training in proper use of Toys with stylistic variations for enhanced effects. Other benefits explored are professional and non-professional decisions, Lifestyle enhancements, submissive development, connecting with other people in The Scene and making Your mark (no pun intended!). Mss Didi*s Domina 101™ Workshop can be condensed into a 4-hour, intensive “Mistress Class”.

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With all of the “dummes” confusing bullying with Dominance and polluting The Scene by contributing to the bad behaviors of “substandards,” it is imperative to develop and maintain One’s presence with integrity. Personal Responsibility and Self-Control are the keys to True Dominance. This Workshop Series gives you the tools to enhance your confidence, stamina, and Self-Love to define, maintain, and fortify your Domain.

Mss Didi*s Domina 101™ Webcam Workshop Series is also normally presented in 4 to 6 segments and focuses on strengthening One’s Domain.

On occasion and by special design, workshops for male Dominants are presented.

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The Domina PlayDate™ Affairs

©Mss Didi* ~ all rights reservedFor Dominas & Play partners

By Invitation Only, an afternoon or evening of Play in a private, elegant, conveniently located space where Dominas can Play Our Way and Our lucky attendants can revel in Our Talents and Pleasures!

Dominas with and without Play partners gather for catered mini-meals, bubbly beverages, aesthetically-pleasing ambiance, and mellifluous music for easy connections in Domme & sub Space!

A few, lucky, single submissives are given the opportunity to earn an invitation to be Our amusements!

As always, participants are carefully screened for security and the ultimate privacy.

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Mss Didi*s Complimentary Domina101™ Prep Guide

Download (or read online) the preparation document for My Domina101™ Workshop that I give to participants to obtain the greatest benefits from My Workshop.

By answering the questions and perusing the reading, you will gain tremendous insight into what makes you a Fetishist and how you wish to create your Fetish Lifestyle.

This document is designed for Dominants, but with a small amount of adaptation, submissives will gain tremendous benefits by utilizing this Tool.

Download or Read Online a
Complimentary Domina101™ Prep Guide

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