Mss Didi*s CFNM Soiree Grooming Tips for gentlemen

While these tips are specific for My Events, they are general guidelines for proper CFNM etiquette.

The Night Before The Soiree

©Mss Didi* ~ PartyDomme.comall rights reserved1)     Trim hair everywhere.  If I am offended by fuzz growing like weeds, I may stick gum in it.  Pay close attention to this rule in areas of genitalia.

2)     Trim finger and toe nails.  Make sure that your nails are clean.

3)     Feet.  Crusty feet are not attractive.  No one wants to see hard skin or scraggly nails.  If you don’t pedicure – and you should – bring socks with rubber grips on the bottom to wear so that you don’t slip while attending to The Dominas.

Bring With You To The Soiree

4)     For Breath.  If you are unable to brush your teeth prior to attending a Soiree, do have mints and keep them handy.

5)     To Freshen Up.   One should  always have personal wipes on hand to freshen up prior to or upon arrival at the Play Space – NEVER flush wipes down the toilet; discard in waste baskets.  I always provide cleansing wipes, but if you have sensitivities, you may wish to bring your own.

6)     Other Toiletries.

a)     Deodorant must be worn.

b)     Please limit the amount of fragrance you wear.  One is supposed to mist the air and walk through the fragrance, NOT spray it all over your body or bathe in it.

7)     Bring Y/your Play Bag!  Or, at least, a few Toys.

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