Reality Check: My Soirees

There seems to be a serious misunderstanding about The Rules because:

  • Though I have taken the time to generously and clearly WRITE and make them publicly available, people don’t read;
  • After being too lazy to handle their own business to have what they want, they have the audacity to get an attitude with Me for generously providing links to the answers to their questions instead of catering to their whims — and wanting to be called, “submissive” while being substandard in every way; and
  • Manners, intelligence, and an understanding are lacking — I am a True Domina and not some hoochie-with-a-whip playing BDSM games for profit or kink.

So, to make things perfectly clear:

1)  My Soirees, especially My Domina Play Soirees are for ME and My Quality Fetishists to have fun.  If you are fortunate enough to be invited, it is because you have either earned the privilege or proven yourself worthy in another manner that I choose.

2)  I do not make money from My Events. If not fundraisers, My Events are for the personal enjoyments of Me and My Associates. EVERYONE contributes. I have discerning tastes and choose to design events for luxurious comfort and beauty with the utmost security and privacy.  So, if a particular event is not within your budget, you will NOT receive a discount — don’t insult Me by asking.

3)  If you want to Soiree with The Divas, you have to step up to the privilege. Concerning My Domina Play Soirees, you should be particularly attentive to the fact that the closest you’ll probably come to contact with more than 1 Domina in a private setting is to visit a commercial dungeon where:

(a) you’ll pay more for only 1 hour of time than the contribution I set for My Soirees and

(b) you’ll hope that you don’t get injured by unskilled labor.

Note: I am extremely fair to the financial challenges that people face and I often interview event assistants to serve at Events — apply when such opportunities are advertised or offer a real, skillful service that I can use to be considered for special privileges.

  • REAL SKILLS include, but are not limited to, legal services; carpentry/building; social media/PR; chauffeur services (clean, neat, car), etc.  I do not need any more cleaners at this time.
  • NO, your sexual fantasy is NOT useful to Me.  you can’t possibly think that I don’t have the lovers that I want and there is a long list of prospects ahead of you.

4)  Pay attention and follow instructions. READ.  First, I’m a Domme, not your mom, so handle your business to be able to attend Events.  Second, I repeatedly state that ONLY people who have secured attendance will receive specific, Event details. I mean that.

5)  If following My Rules for My Domain is an issue, you have the option to attend the many other unique and exciting events with Quality Fetishists that are offered… How’s that working out?

If you’re not willing to make an investment in quality, you will remain without it. 

If it’s worth it to you, you’ll be worthy of it.

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