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The Winterizer ~ Natural Cold & Flu Prevention

Original Post 9/29/09

This is one of those “old wives’ remedies” that works wonders.

Before I began doing this treatment EVERY October, I suffered with 2-3 really bad colds per year.

IMMEDIATELY, the very first year that I “Winterized,” I did not suffer with wretched colds and was able to prevent a cold from coming on before it got me! Now, I barely get a sniffle during the entire winter!

I swear by this treatment and highly encourage you to give yourself this gift.

The principle is that when you coat your stomach with immune boosting, healthy oils that cleanse as well as protect, you strengthen your body’s ability to fight colds and flu.  With the scare of the [original post: H1N1 Swine Flu virus] ever-evolving, Flu viruses going around, it can’t hurt to give your body some extra protection.

And if that’s not enough incentive for you to do this incredibly easy and inexpensive treatment, do it so that you’re not one of those selfish & annoying people who will be sneezing all over the rest of Us because you didn’t take proper care of yourself!

NOTE:  I also give this treatment to My dog.  Considering body weight, administer the mixture accordingly: DAILY 1/2 tsp. for small dogs (20 lbs. & under), 1 tsp. for medium dogs, and 1 tbsp. for large dogs.   PLEASE research the toxicity of ingredients for other animals.

The Winterizer

From October 1st-31st

The timing of the Winterizer treatment is important because the month of October (in the Northern Hemisphere) is when the weather traditionally begins to cool.

**NOTE: If you begin the treatment a few days late or if you skip a day, it’s OK; just be sure to complete 31 days of treatment.

Ingredients: Equal parts of

  • Olive Oil (First Cold Pressed is best)
  • Mineral Oil
  • Cod Liver Oil (preferably unflavored, but mint-flavored is less horrible tasting)

Take 1-2 tablespoons of the Winterizer DAILY on an EMPTY stomach – BEFORE putting anything into your stomach (including water).  Store all oils in the refrigerator.


  • Have a cup of something you enjoy to drink immediately after taking the Winterizer treatment to assist with the taste of the cod liver oil.
  • Holding your nose while swallowing assists in dealing with the cod liver oil taste.
  • Prior to taking, let Winterizer mixture sit a few minutes after removing from refrigerator or set the bottle under warm water to liquefy.  The mixture goes down a lot easier without clumps of solid olive oil.
  • Keep Winterizer mixture in a glass bottle.  The added taste of plastic can be unpleasant.  If you choose to use a plastic bottle, I recommend using a clear, water bottle (e.g., Poland Spring).

You will notice that bowel movements will improve – which is large part of why the Winterizer treatment works.  You will cleanse the intestines and colon, which allows for healthier digestion, which leads to strengthening your immune system.  You may also notice improvements in your skin and nails, shiny hair, as well as better mobility in joints and improvements in pain management.

For more information:

The Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

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(World Health Organization Study)

Caution: Cod Liver oil contains large amounts of Vitamin A which can be toxic if taken to extremes.  Due to pollution, cod liver oil can contain contaminants such as mercury.   Mineral Oil can be a colon irritant and cause diarrhea when not properly administered.

This is why you should cease taking the Winterizer treatment after the 31st day (Halloween!)

Here’s to your health!

Always MY Pleasure,
Mss Didi*