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Now That We’re In COVID19 Time Out…

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Special Edition

My COVID19 Self-Health Treatments:
Kill Cornavirus On Contact Naturally

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Touching Base

Yes, it has been a LONG time…  This was necessary to rid barbarians from My Domain and let them think it was their choice.  Those who know Me know that I meditate every day and I do believe in Magick and Karma — this works very well for Me!

I am a Beauty Fetishist; I am blessed to be able to enjoy beauty in so many things; and when creeple insist on being ugly, I create ways for them to not want to be around Me. That’s how you keep “unwanteds” from wanting to be in your realm.

  • You’re welcome for that How To Manage Your Domain Workshop Tip. Details to come!

Anyway…  I was just about to launch My new Events & Spaces when COVID-19 forced all ye people to make dramatic changes.

  • It is your choice whether you flow or fail during this “Time In Time Out.”  Choose wisely.
  • I have prepared a very well-researched, detailed, easy-to-understand document on natural recipes with the same antifungal-antimicrobial ingredient used for hospital pre-surgery disinfecting and I’ve made it available for FREE.  I’ve also included resources to deal with social isolation and make it work for you.  See below.

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My COVID19 Self-Health Treatments: Kill Coronavirus On Contact Naturally

Now, about this COVID19 situation: Are you seeing this “quarantine” as a curse or a gift?

My Sadist Self is thrilled at the suffering of all of those people who are having isolation traumas because they don’t like their own company. They don’t want to be with themselves (yet somehow think others should tolerate them)! MUAHAHAHAHAA!

My Giving Goddess Self sends energy for everyone to use this “GIFT of Time In Time Out” to reconnect with your REAL Truth (without that ego distortion) and brave becoming your best self.

  • Social Isolation Tip: I know that the more you are grateful for, the more you will have to be grateful for. So, I am grateful to live in this internet age and to have well-functioning devices so that I can handle My businesses, My family care, and keep Myself amused! Check out Feel Good & Empowered: Practice Gratitude.

Giving Goddess that I Am, I have prepared a summary of well-researched information for COVID19 safety with recipes to kill coronavirus on contact naturally ~ click below for instant access.

  • Included in My document are links to sources of this information and more so you can do the research for yourself… And you know who you are who will need to do that.
  • You can read this document online (internal document links are active) and download it (all links active).

Whatever you do, don’ be a “covidiot.”


©Mss Didi* ~ PartyDomme.com ~ AskMssDidi.com all rights reservedI will be in touch shortly — really this time — with some goodies to keep you safe and sane during this opportunity to Check In with yourself to create a BETTER present and future.

REVIEW 10 Domina101™ Tips Video

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch this little video with My 10 Domina101™ Tips.  For more detailed info, READ HERE.

Currently on Ask Mss Didi*

AskMssDidi.comCOVID-19 Self-Health Treatments: Kill Corona Virus On Contact

Because I care, I share. I have done quite a bit of research to protect Myself and the “covidiots” I have to deal with during this COVID19 plague.

No Regrets – How To

Tips on how to get over being your own worst enemy by focusing on what coulda-shoulda-woulda been.

AskMssDidi.comWhat’s In Your Play Bag? 

Tips and Tools to include in your Play Bag for the safest and most excellent Play!

PAY ATTENTION! submissive Tip is a demonstration for the serious submissive to pay AskMssDidi.comcareful attention to instructions to make a good impression to actually have what you want. I highly encourage Dominants and submissives alike to view the ridiculous mistakes that a “wanna-sub” made which could — and should — have easily been avoided.

Enjoy a FREE section of The Superior submissive™ Webcam Workshop to alleviate a LOT of stress all the way around. Read How-To Tips for submissives: First Contact and remember that Presentation is EVERYTHING.

I recommend that you also check out The Difference Between Fetish and kink. Refer the people you encounter to this article and use these keys for ease in your Fetish experience. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

The Contents page of AskMssDidi.com has summaries of the articles for more comprehensive reading. Take advantage of My Gifts of Domain Maintenance Training Techniques for BetterFetish™!

Or take a Webcam Workshop for a condensed version of My Techniques that can be found on AskMssDidi.com.

Anti-Stalker Resource

I was contacted by a lovely person from CallerSmart who offered some most-excellent resources to add to My article, “How To Stop A Stalker.” CallerSmart provides an excellent resource on cyberstalking and what to do if you are a victim, along with a very, cool app that helps you identify mystery callers and block those you don’t want to hear from ever again. Definitely, check it out!


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ClassicFetish™ Resources

See articles at the bottom of this post.

Stay Positive! Change Is Good!


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Enjoy Life!

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