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Catching Up Issue

Warning: This issue is political and completely about MY views and MY life. I give you permission to remove yourself from My Mailing List if you’re one of those who thinks that when People of Color exercise Our Constitutional Right of Freedom of Speech that We are unpatriotic (e.g., Colin Kapernick’s #TakeAKnee). I always create a little housecleaning of My Mailing List at this time of the year, anyway.

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I write this as I’m disgusted by the #donalddeplorable in the presidential debate.

Last month, I received news that My most-beloved submissive died in the line of duty. This is going to sound horrible and I don’t care: I can think of SO many people the world would be better without… And to think that My beloved died in service to protecting Our “freedoms” – and the freedoms of Amerikkkan monsters to lie-cheat-steal-kill Us – saddens Me and makes Me work harder and harder not to have the h8tred for them that they build entire platforms and religions on against Us — which includes anyone and everyone who is not one of them.

Because My beloved was responsible, he made sure that should he die, those he loved would be notified by an online service (such as can be found on The Digital Beyond). I received his email on September 12, 2016, immediately after publishing 9/11 Evolved, suggesting We stop instilling fear and step up Our game to honor the departed. So, that’s what I’m doing and sharing this gift with you.

While I cancelled events and took time to grieve, I contemplated the beautiful things he gave Me in his final email, some of which I relay below:

  • Always remember your worth. Anyone who cannot appreciate who you are and what you do is not worth your time and attentions (see Tips To Remember Your Value);
  • Personal to Me: Never to allow anyone who does not treat Me like the beautiful, powerful, special Woman that I am to have any of My Attentions ever again (his exact words: “don’t even piss on them if they’re on fire!”). Very few people deserve the benefit of the doubt and/or second chances — and especially without proper tribute;

*From 10 Domina101™ Workshop Tips: A tribute is a commitment to honor Your time and energies and it weeds out the worthless. The commitment is to and for You from Yourself as well as from the submissive. Just because the hoochies-with-whips have creeple insisting that a tribute is financial, does not make it so. It is for You to decide what and how a tribute should be given. My motto is: From each according to her/his ability, to each according to My desires (a little play on Marx and Engels). Depending upon the relationship and the worthiness the submissive has demonstrated in real-time, I have allowed submissives to bring a tribute as simple and inexpensive as 1 flower to add to My floral arrangement. Under no circumstances do I permit access to My Domain without tribute. Period.

  • Have no regrets and remove anyone from your life who makes you wrong for your happiness – no matter who or how they are related to you;
  • Age beautifully; respect your body and the aging process. Never believe that growing older is a curse because not everyone gets to do it;
  • Seek and focus on Beauty and Beauty will be everywhere; and
  • Live every moment of every day to the absolute fullest and dance whenever you can.

I refuse to join the barbarians and operate from lizard-brain thinking. While I continue to meditate with a concerted effort not to despise that bully-pig who represents the absolute worst of Amerikkka, I remind My family and friends that “the ugly American” is why so much of the world h8tes this country.

I urge you to consider this: if all of the cheating-stealing-voting-suppression that the pig-party has done to steal the election succeeds, and that monster is the next president, no American will be safe in the world – especially white Americans. In the past, when Americans were taken hostage, the People of Color (especially Black people) were let go because the world sees with its own eyes that America doesn’t care about Us – hence the reason that #BlackLivesMatter is a growing movement among people of consciousness of all races, of all religions, of all sexual orientations, etc. However, none of Us will be safe with a barbarian at the helm. Think about that when you go to the polls.

Excellent post: White America, It’s Time to Take a Knee | john pavlovitz – a reverend says things that need to be said in a most respectful way.

It horrifies Me to think that My beloved died defending Our Rights to live in the greatest country in the world; and if that barbarian becomes president, so many other wonderful people WILL die because whenever a republican gets into office, they start a war because there’s a lot of money in war for them and their constituents (review your history). And their kids never go to fight – they go to school (etc.) abroad or to an office post (like George W did).

  • Seriously, am I the only One who looks at the barbarian’s wife and is reminded of Salt with Angelina Jolie? The resemblance is far too scary… As is their Putin connection.

However, I never thought I’d see a Black president in My lifetime, so I still have hope for this country’s progress. And if the monsters win, I have a plan – do you?

So, in the Spirit of Living Fully, I hold much optimism for October, which is My Birthday Season, finished with My Favorite Holiday, Halloween (the Day of The Dead when I will celebrate the life of My beloved and a New Year)!

I am definitely going to have a few celebrations and invite others to join Me. Look for a new issue of My Newsletter to come soon!

For those of you who must consider the budget, prepare your funds for an upscale soiree! I’m feeling a full-Fetish-dress party! It’s been too long since I’ve had one.

And DON’T be like the fools who contact Me with what they want and don’t even wish Me a Happy Birthday…

Support Our Troops!


How To Attend My Eventsread everything – so that you don’t set yourself up for disappointment and, even more importantly, so that you don’t annoy Me. First impressions are lasting and once you show Me that you don’t care to respect the work and time that I put into creating Excellence in My Domain by following instructions the first time, you won’t usually get a second chance… That goes for Dominants as well as for submissives.

Soiree Attendance Contributions. UNDERSTAND: My current Soirees are even more private, elegant, and discrete than what I’ve made available to the discerning public in the past. As you should know by now, I do NOT make money from My Events and all proceeds go to My Charities. However, for small Soirees, participants contribute to costs for the Event. I don’t hold My Events in venues with surveillance cameras… If you want Quality, you must be willing to invest in it. Read more….

Apply For Upcoming Events! Let’s get a jump on applications and interviews so that everyone thinks that I am going to disrupt My schedule to accommodate their last minute desires to attend My Events. Apply today and, maybe, join Me at one of NYC’s magnificent, Summer concerts or plays! Please pay close attention to What’s Available & Not Available and How Event Attendance Works.

Coming Soon

The Domina Meet & Greet

TBA ~ By Invitation Only, Midtown NYC

©Mss Didi* ~ PartyDomme.comall rights reservedDesigned to make good-Domme-friends to associate with! It’s one thing to have folks to Play with, but it’s another thing to have Fetish Friends who actually share your interests. And, We all know how tedious it is to have Your guard up all of the time around the creepazoids. So, I’m playing with the idea of having a slightly-non-fetish gathering for Dommes to meet for a cocktail and conversation to build nurturing relationships.

Dominas ONLY.

Please CLICK HERE for Your Special Domina Invitation

Domina Play Soirees


©Mss Didi* ~ PartyDomme.comall rights reservedAs always, I will announce new Event Dates to My Mailing List FIRST. The upcoming Domina Play Soirees (see description HERE) are for small groups of Dominas with 1 to 3 submissive attendants. And as always, Events are conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan and ALL applicants are carefully screened for participation. Do you realize that this means that I give the time to actually communicate with each and every attendee and potential attendee?

  • The ONLY exception to this practice is IF you choose to engage
    My Event Design skills
    for an event(s) that meets your preferences and fits within My Respect Zone (see below). I will not participate in anything that offends My Integrity. Then, participants will be selected to fulfill the dynamics of your event.

If You are a Domina who wishes to join Us, please Introduce Yourself HERE.

Soiree Assistants & submissives APPLY HERE.

Grand Audience

GASoireeFemI’m still contemplating a Petite Grand Audience (a Grand Audience Event on a smaller, more intimate scale) for a few, new Domina Associates to meet The Divas! I will select honorable submissives to attend to serve at the Event and to submit themselves for consideration. Details to come.

If You are a Domina who wishes to join Us, please Introduce Yourself HERE.

Soiree Assistants & submissives APPLY HERE.

In the meantime, if you would like to have a Petite Grand Audience to meet Dominas Whose interests match yours, or if you would like to host a different Soiree, consider having your own event.

Join My Mailing List for Event Updates

Opportunities for NEW submissives & FUN Assistants

Note: Several applicants have already been interviewed and are in the process of being matched for compatibility with specific groups of Dominas for Play Soirees. If I have not responded to your application, please be patient. If you have not followed specific rules (e.g., no nudity in photos), I will not respond to you at all and suggest that you try again, properly this time.
all rights reserved

I cannot stress enough how important it is to approach Me properly. This is one of primary reasons I offer My Complimentary Fetish Etiquette Guide: How To Present yourself To A Mistress for free. READ IT before you ruin an opportunity to find what you’re craving in your fetish life. Not only are first impressions lasting, they’ll cost you if you’re missing simple, subtle nuances.

I regularly offer opportunities for cool people to experience the glories of My Domain and Events by offering their services to assist Me and My Guests. I am interested in “keepers” — people who will become part of the Fetish Family and be worthy of being adored — and this is the perfect chance to test the waters! These opportunities are NOT limited to submissives. Dominants, switches, whatevers are encouraged to apply as long as you can pay attention and follow instructions. And if I really like you, I may invite you to spend some time with Me in the sun-sea-sand! Soiree Assistants & submissives APPLY HERE (Dominas please introduce Yourselves above).PartyDomme.com

I am continuing My interviews for hardcore masochists for private and public performances, Mentee training sessions, and Play — of course! Play, Play, Play! This opportunity may include all-expense paid travel. Hardcore Masochists APPLY HERE

Webcam Workshops

Prepare for the Petite Grand Audience and a Grand Audience soon to come!

Dates To Be Announced Soon

REMINDER: My Webcam Workshops and My Events are fundraisers for My Charities.x

Why Take These Webcam Workshops?

Well, you don’t have to — you can always read everything I’ve graciously provided for free on AskMssDidi.com. Although a lot of what I present in My Workshops is not written there, you can always spend even more time figuring out what else you need to know and keep your fingers crossed to search the internet to find intelligent information. If you take My Webcam Workshops, you can spend 90 minutes enjoying the condensed version of what I’ve written and more AND ask Me questions directly in real-time. Of course, you can always continue being as happy, successful, and satisfied with your Fetish situations, doing what you’re already doing… Isn’t it wonderful to have the choice? More Info…

PartyDomme.comBe certain you’re on My Mailing List for other Workshop dates and other announcements.

Domina101™ © Mss Didi* ~ www.PartyDomme.comDomina101™ Mentoring Group in NYC & On The Web

Next Session 10/10: No Limits

There are limits and there are limits. What’s going on in your mind-body-spirit-heart that motivates, limits, and may even sabotage Your Domain Happiness? I will share scientific techniques to fine-tune Your Desires for Your Domain.

The Domina101™ Collective Training via webcam and in person in NYC is in full swing! Enjoy a comfortable environment to learn, to share, and make personal connections to support Your Dominance. For more information, please read and Join Us!

AskMssDidi.comCurrently on Ask Mss Didi*

AskMssDidi.comPAY ATTENTION! submissive Tip is a demonstration for the serious submissive to pay careful attention to instructions to make a good impression to actually have what you want. I highly encourage Dominants and submissives alike to view the ridiculous mistakes that a “wanna-sub” made which could — and should — have easily been avoided.

My recent interviews have prompted Me to generously offer a FREE section of The Superior submissive™ Webcam Workshop to alleviate a LOT of stress all the way around. Read How-To Tips for submissives: First Contact and remember that Presentation is EVERYTHING.

I recommend that you also check out The Difference Between Fetish and kink. Refer the people you encounter to this article and use these keys for ease in your Fetish experience. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

The Contents page of AskMssDidi.com has summaries of the articles for more comprehensive reading. Take advantage of My Gifts of Domain Maintenance Training Techniques for BetterFetish™!

Or take a Webcam Workshop for a condensed version of My Techniques that can be found on AskMssDidi.com.

New Anti-Stalker Resource

I was contacted by a lovely person from CallerSmart who offered some most-excellent resources to add to My article, “How To Stop A Stalker.” CallerSmart provides an excellent resource on cyberstalking and what to do if you are a victim, along with a very, cool app that helps you identify mystery callers and block those you don’t want to hear from ever again. Definitely check it out!


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