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3 Domina Play Soirees So Far!

Date Change: Wednesday 5/18 Thursday 5/19: 6-10pm; Friday 5/27: 6-10pm; SaturDay 5/28: 2-6pm

Depending on how many people follow instructions to attend — see below, I may actually be able to schedule 2 more Domina Play Soirees while some very special Divas are visiting!

What’s Available & Not Available

1) ONLY the folks who have been matched for compatibility for particular Soirees will be permitted to know who the other attendees will be. If you have a problem with trusting My selections, sponsor a Soiree to be customized towards your fetishes — especially if there are certain people you do or do not wish to Soiree with. No judgment there…

2) I am fair. Dominas and submissives who have been screened in-person are in rotation for Soiree Attendance to allow people who share similar fetish interests to have a chance to Play. This is why you must not delay — secure your space to Play today!

3) Don’t be ridiculous. If you attended 1 or 2 of My Events years ago and I haven’t even received a Happy Birthday email from you (though you read My Newsletter, so you know when My Birthday Season is) — much less, a donation to any of My Charity Works — NO, you do not receive any special privileges or consideration.  Whatever it is that makes some people think that because they contributed a pittance in the past to enjoy an Event that I spent considerable amounts of time, money, and energy producing to raise funds for My Charities (with NO profit to Me) somehow makes them memorable and entitled to anything from Me, is ridiculous. And even more ridiculous is their choice to be insulted that I don’t remember them…

In the immortal words of the incomparable, Miss Jackson: What have you done for Me lately?  How are you worthy of special privilege? What are you going to do about that NOW? EVERYONE who wishes to participate follows ALL of My Rules — AND see instructions below.

How Event Attendance Works

To be perfectly clear — again:

1) EVERYONE must be interviewed in person prior to attending any of My Current Events. These Events are NOT regular-ol’-parties that you just show up to at a (dive) venue where any-ol’-body can just show up, too. I pair participants for the right mix of Energies and Fetish Synergies. I am generous to invite new people to join Me and My Quality Fetish Associates; not desperate for attendees.

2) My Events are high-end: chef-catered; held in discrete, private, clean environments; centrally located in Midtown Manhattan for convenience; and completely secure.

PartyDomme.coma) If you want to Soiree with The Divas, you have to step up to the privilege. I don’t get a “discount” or a “bargain” on the quality venues, food, etc. that I choose, so raise your standards to meet Mine. Or you can attend the other CFNM gatherings that (I hear, and am not surprised) offend the senses and remind you that if you’re not willing to make an investment in quality, you will remain without it. SEE THESE SOIREE TIPS.

b) On rare occasions, when someone exceptionally polite, obedient, and cooperative offers her/himself for REAL & USEFUL service, I make an exception for the participation amount required to attend My Domina Play Soirees. If you’ve read My Complimentary Fetish Etiquette Guide, you’ll know what to do and how to do it to gain any consideration from Me to receive such a gift.

3) ALL participants comply with My Security Requirements – period. Photo(s) are turd-tard repellent and insurance for best behaviors and I am the ONLY person who will view and maintain your security applications. And if you have an issue with meeting with Me in person, see #2 above.

4) Follow ALL instructions carefully. To ensure privacy and discretion, you may be required to fulfill a 2- to 3-step process. If you don’t have the patience to do this, you don’t deserve all of the time, care, planning, and talents that I provide to make My Events happen.

My Domina Soirees are Private, Boutique Events and because I design them with much attention, love, and care to match the right people and the right energies for the right dynamic of Fetish Fabulousness, they are quite popular! So, of course, now everyone wants to attend but ONLY the worthy and attentive get to Play.

This is why it is so important to follow instructions to observe the Security Requirements and recognize that My Events are not the any-and-everybody-can-pay-to-show-up, mish-mosh, conglomeration that is what most folks are sadly accustomed to as “fetish” events.

May Events

Domina Play Soirees

Date Change: Wednesday 5/18 Thursday 5/19: 6-10pm; Friday 5/27: 6-10pm; SaturDay 5/28: 2-6pm

As always, I will announce new Event Dates to My Mailing List FIRST. The upcoming Domina Play Soirees are for small groups of Dominas with 1 to 3 submissive attendants. As always, Events are conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan and ALL applicants are carefully screened for participation. You do realize that this means that I give the time to actually communicate with each and every attendee and potential attendee, right?

  • The ONLY exception to this practice is IF you choose to engage My Event Design skills for an event(s) that meets your preferences and fits within My Respect Zone (see below). I will not participate in anything that offends My Integrity. Then, participants will be selected to fulfill the dynamics of your event.

Domina Play Soirees (see description below) are DommeSalon™ socializers where I bring a group of intelligent, talented Dommes together for community building, networking, and a lucky sub or 2 (or 3) to serve Us. These are not money-making events; they are designed for Us to meet people We can actually like in The Scene! (And My Events are fundraisers for My Charities when appropriate.)

As described HERE, ALL attendees are required to adhere to strict security measures and ONLY those who do are invited to attend. ONLY confirmed attendees receive specific information about Events.

Attend A Soiree

If You are a Domina who wishes to join Us, please Introduce Yourself HERE.

Soiree Assistants & submissives APPLY HERE.

Coming In June

Plans are moving along for a Petite Grand Audience (a Grand Audience Event on a smaller, more intimate scale) in June for a few, new Domina Associates to meet The Divas! I will select honorable submissives to attend to serve at the Event and to submit themselves for consideration. Details to come.

In the meantime, if you would like to have a Petite Grand Audience to meet Dominas Whose interests match yours, or if you would like to host a different Soiree, consider having your own event.

right-arrowJoin My Mailing List for Event Updates

Contest: Weekend Getaway & Soiree Attendance

Lucky you! Since I do not have plans for a large, fundraising event any time soon, having a fundraising contest is a great way for you to help Me keep The Promise to provide a summer of cellphone service to 100 high school graduates from challenging circumstances!  By not having to worry about paying their cellphone bills from graduation through September, these students can put their focus and finances on preparing for college.  It is My goal to be able to successfully continue this program for year while the students are enrolled in college.

I am delighted to say that (though it took some creativity to win the battle against the religious-creep who took over the charity and reneged on The Promise to the program that was in place before his term as “Chaircreep of the Bored”) My partners and I were independently able to keep The Promise to last year’s recipients!  I am also delighted to say that of these 100 students who began college in 2015, only 1 student had to leave school due to illness (please send prayers and Healing Light).

If you would like to make a donation to the cause, only $35 will sponsor one month of cellphone service for one of these deserving, young people.  Please click here to give your gift! Thank you!

2 great prizes to win in My Fundraiser Contest:

Weekend Getaway: Winner(s) will receive an expenses paid trip to serve Me and 2 of My Favorite Divas in the sun-sea-sand for the 3rd weekend in June!  Requirements: Valid passport and 2½ days and nights of proper service.

Soiree Assistant: Winner(s) will receive attendance to a Domina Play Soiree in June as a Special assistant, which includes a crash course in My Party Service Training Techniques.

The more raffles you secure, the better your chances to win!  ENTER TO WIN HERE

Opportunities for NEW submissives & FUN Assistants

Note: Several applicants have already been interviewed and are in the process of being matched for compatibility with specific groups of Dominas for Play Soirees. If I have not responded to your application, please be patient. If you have not followed specific rules (e.g., no nudity in photos), I will not respond to you at all and suggest that you try again, properly this time.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to approach Me properly.  This is one of primary reasons I offer My Complimentary Fetish Etiquette Guide: How To Present yourself To A Mistress for free. READ IT before you ruin an opportunity to find what you’re craving in your fetish life.  Not only are first impressions lasting, they’ll cost you if you’re missing simple, subtle nuances.

I regularly offer opportunities for cool people to experience the glories of My Domain and Events by offering their services to assist Me and My Guests. I am interested in “keepers” — people who will become part of the Fetish Family and be worthy of being adored — and this is the perfect chance to test the waters! These opportunities are NOT limited to submissives. Dominants, switches, whatevers are encouraged to apply as long as you can pay attention and follow instructions. And if I really like you, I may invite you to spend some time with Me in the sun-sea-sand! Soiree Assistants & submissives APPLY HERE (Dominas please introduce Yourselves above).PartyDomme.com

I am continuing My interviews for hardcore masochists for private and public performances, Mentee training sessions, and Play — of course! Play, Play, Play! This opportunity may include all-expense paid travel. Hardcore Masochists APPLY HERE

Photographer Opportunities

A group of Dominas has requested My Expertise to create a Private Domina Photo Soiree just for them this summer!  While We’re arranging the dates and details, I’d like to connect with photographers who are interested in photographing a group of Dominas in a Soiree environment with catered hors d’oeuvres and bubbly beverages, of course!  Strict Rules apply.  So, if you agree to the requirements, please apply!

And if things work out, I just may pose for you beforehand to spice up the excitement for the events!

Webcam Workshops

Prepare for the Petite Grand Audience and a Grand Audience soon to come!

Dates To Be Announced Soon

right-arrowREMINDER: My Webcam Workshops and My Events are fundraisers for My Charities.x

Why Take These Webcam Workshops?

Well, you don’t have to — you can always read everything I’ve graciously provided for free on AskMssDidi.com. Although a lot of what I present in My Workshops is not written there, you can always spend even more time figuring out what else you need to know and keep your fingers crossed to search the internet to find intelligent information. If you take My Webcam Workshops, you can spend 90 minutes enjoying the condensed version of what I’ve written and more AND ask Me questions directly in real-time. Of course, you can always continue being as happy, successful, and satisfied with your Fetish situations, doing what you’re already doing… Isn’t it wonderful to have the choice? More Info…

PartyDomme.comBe certain you’re on My Mailing List for other Workshop dates and other announcements.

Domina101™ © Mss Didi* ~ www.PartyDomme.comDomina101™ Mentoring Group in NYC & On The Web

Next Session 5/25: Threats & Loyalty

The Domina101™ Collective Training via webcam and in person in NYC is in full swing! Enjoy a comfortable environment to learn, to share, and make personal connections to support Your Dominance. For more information, please read and Join Us!

AskMssDidi.comCurrently on Ask Mss Didi*

My recent interviews have prompted Me to generously offer a FREE section of The Superior submissive™ Webcam Workshop to alleviate a LOT of stress all the way around. Read How-To Tips for submissives: First Contact and remember that Presentation is EVERYTHING.

I recommend that you also check out The Difference Between Fetish and kink. Refer the people you encounter to this article and use these keys for ease in your Fetish experience. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

The Contents page of AskMssDidi.com has summaries of the articles for more comprehensive reading. Take advantage of My Gifts of Domain Maintenance Training Techniques for BetterFetish™!

Or take a Webcam Workshop for a condensed version of My Techniques that can be found on AskMssDidi.com.


If you have not already done so, PLEASE take a moment to join My Mailing List here. You can also subscribe by RSS feed — see sidebar.

ClassicFetish™ Resources

See articles at the bottom of this post.

Fulfill The Dream in 2016!



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